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Psychologist breaks down dealing with back-to-school stress

So getting them to do this self-talk, this talking aloud. If they say, You know, Im really worried about X, well, ask them right away, Can you ...

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Moving Beyond Psychiatric Diagnosis: Lucy Johnstone, PsyD

I think most folks in psychiatry and psychology dont see diagnosis and ... Why should we see diagnosis and formulation as competitors rather ...

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Why this clinical psychologist is now sounding the alarm about ...

Cody Fenwick: What do you think a clinical psychologist like yourself ... I think what mental health professionals, psychologists, and I can do is ...

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3 psychologist-approved ways to cancel negative self-talk

And heres exactly how to do just that, according to psychologist Briony Leo. Like what you see Sign up to our bodyandsoul.com.au newsletter ...

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How Will Mask-Wearing Affect My Toddlers Development? I Asked Two Child Psychologists

I Asked Two Child Psychologists ... And while yes, children search adults faces to see how they should interpret and react to things that happen ...

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Oksana Akinshina, Star of Russias Upcoming Chernobyl Movie, Says Film Will Still Release in October

Its an interesting role because shes a psychologist who, for much of the film, ... Do you think it might still get a chance to come out theatrically

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How to Find a Psychologist Who Does Telehealth Appointments

I think one of the things contributing to this anxiety is the uncertainty running through our minds: we just dont really know why and we dont know ...

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How to Help Kids Manage Back-to-School Anxiety in the Covid Era

And youll give children the opportunity to solve problemslike what to do ... to a school-like setting, such as the local library where you would wear ... Susan White, a professor of psychology at the University of Alabama, ... A lot of classrooms are going to look different and feel different, says Dr. Kearney.

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Leiden helps refugee researcher make a new start

When Leiden psychologist Anke Klein and her new colleague Reha talk ... I read the description, I became really enthusiastic and could see ...

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A Psychologist of Uncertainty Offers Advice for Coping Under ...

When can I see my friends and family again ... uncertainty (we dont know whats coming), and loss of control (we cant do much about it). ... In research I conducted with psychologist Jennifer Howell, we found that people felt ...

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