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Release stress and get stretchin with virtual yoga

Rather, when you sit down for your first stretch take a deep breath and imagine yourself transporting elsewhere ... To do ujjayi breathing: Fill your lungs all the way and constrict your throat, then breathe through your nose.

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Peter the Human Cyborg on his groundbreaking transformation: Im in uncharted territory how cool is that?

At the moment, you can think of my AI as glorified text prediction a highly ... to act as the focus for a hugely ambitious research program stretching across decades. ... my wind pipe from my throat so I can never have something go down the wrong way. ... How would you describe your quality of life now

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Cicadia, by David Gilbert

On the radio, I Got You by the Split Enz, which couldve been playing on ... Meanwhile, Ben and Rodney are waving their hands against the primal ... go faster through this stretch of road and launch them straight into the party and ... Oscar grabbing the biggest by the throat and proclaiming dominion over ...

2020-09-14 www.newyorker.com


We Asked a Gyno About WAP

What did you think of macaroni in the pot as a descriptor for a wet vagina ... Theyre talking about their own experience. And ... A lot of people think its to stretch out the vagina, the tissue. ... When she raps about touch that lil dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat is that medically advisable

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A Tunas Worth

Ive got a fish hailed for 2 p.m. at North Lake, Jason Tompkins continues, over my cellphone. ... Victorious fishers would suspend their trophies from the bridge ... Minutes stretch into an hour. ... Mellish leans over and cuts the tunas throat with a knife, then hoists it into the boat and hoses down the fish.

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Extract from Mermaid Fillet: A Noir Crime Novel by Mia Arderne

A woman who could have been a prima ballerina, if she hadnt been disallowed ... Hed recently been shot in the throat, collarbone and hip. ... Bly stil or Ill put this M16 in your bek! ... The Mail &. Guardian is a proud news publisher with roots stretching back 35 years, and weve survived right from day one ...

2020-09-14 mg.co.za


LA Rams 2020 NFL Season Preview

The Rams O-line did have some better outings down the stretch, but ... You knew the 2017-18 Rams could just run it down your throat with ...

2020-09-14 pigskinnut.com


Health fears over stinking seaweed investigated

It comes in waves and can last either just a few minutes or days at a time, he said. ... eggs - which can force you inside but it seeps into your home too. ... youd like to think TDC would have some clever plans in place but it appears not. ... KentOnline paid a visit to the smelly stretch of coastline this morning ...

2020-09-14 www.kentonline.co.uk


The importance of unravelling towards our true height when ...

In the second instalment of her 4-part article series about postural awareness, Gwendolyn Masin, concert violinist, author and educator, ...

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Health benefits of kegel exercise

The stretching of your intestinal tissues throughout pregnancy can reduce ... long as you do not encounter reductions of the uterus while doing them. ... strong and coordinated, the bladder and bladder throat has less help and ...

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