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RELIGION: Put on bowels of mercy

Because we know God's mercy and kindness toward us. ... The new nature, created in us by the Holy Spirit when we were baptized into Christ ...

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Lamb of God's shepherding a herd of projects amidst pandemic

Lamb of God's shepherding a herd of projects amidst pandemic ... Memento Mori coffee, meanwhile, was Adler's baby, created in conjunction with Between ... While we were on that tour we made a pact. 'I bet we could do this!'

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From the pulpit: What is our responsibility?

We do not have the power to replicate God's creation. We live in ... 'Humans were created into toil and struggle, yet we forget the higher power.

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Words from the Heart: All in All | Vanburen | thecabin.net

God created man in His image. ... Animals offered to Him were to be clean and without defect. ... Even when the mind intends to obey God, we cry with Paul, O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this ...

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Pope Francis: Become guardians of life and earth with ...

Those were Pope Francis' words at the weekly General Audience held in ... and our health depends on that of the ecosystems that God created and ... We believe that we are at the centre, claiming to occupy God's place. and ...

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Opinion: One God? Many Gods? No God? | In Good Faith ...

More, let's recognize that as we imagine god, so we model ourselves after ... so many choices and combinations, when all I wanted was a simple burrito! ... Consider the words of French philosopher Voltaire, God created man ...

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Church at Cahaba Bend holds prayer walk for schools ...

Through this they created this initiative which involves prayer walks at each of the ... a difference and we are trusting in prayer and God to do what God does best. ... This past Sunday, we were at Helena Elementary School.

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A mustard seed | Opinion | timesleader.net

God knew, when He gave us faith, we would be alive now and not then. ... in people and machines, why can we not have faith in the God that created us? ... We were not there two thousand years ago to see the miracles Jesus ...

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Smile, God Loves You: You over me

We have all heard the saying, I laughed until I cried. ... The tears formed the same shape in each drop, but their contents were starkly different. ... jagged remnants of wearisome circumstances - some created by others, self, ...

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Tennessee woman recovering after husband is killed by St ...

Rostran said their family learned Aileen and Jordan were taken by the ... 'We know it was God's hand over her life in that moment,' said Rostran. A GoFundMe page was created by a family friend to help Aileen Stevens.

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