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Your Thursday Briefing

Good morning. We're covering the fast-growing coronavirus outbreak in India, a domestic abuse ... Activists say the numbers are far higher.

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This Local Business Founder Starts Every Morning with Journaling and Meditation

We say prayers, say our high and low for the day, and give kisses good night. I take time to journal more. My favorite method is free journaling ...

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Good Morning Britain Laura Tobin can't say 'hot weather' in September

Good Morning Britain presenter Laura Tobin caused confusion when she revealed she doesn't say the weather is 'hot' after a certain date.

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How Much Will the California Wildfires Cost?

Good morning. ... It's a little early to say what the total impacts are going to be, but it wouldn't surprise me if the damages are over $20 billion ...

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Gerry Dulac's Steelers chat transcript: 09.16.20

Gerry Dulac: OK kids, we're going to start our chat shortly so get ready with your questions. ... Billy D: Good morning Gerry, just reviewing the rookies I was ... But I will say this, I think Herbie, as a college analyst, is the best of ...

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Tinsley column: Good Morning!

In various languages and cultures all over the world, we greet each other every ... Their simple good morning seemed to say, I recognize your ...

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With five weeks of chaos behind, Ohio State begins its title push

We've taken a lot of tough news over the last couple months, so it was definitely ... play, appearing on Good Morning America and creating an online petition that ... I can't say enough about our leadership, all the way from the ...

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Sunrises Around the World Are Being Effected by the West ...

We collected photos from around globe to see how the haze is effecting our early rising (or up late!) neighbors: ... Good morning Philadelphia!

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News Brief: PPE Shortages, ICE Whistleblower, 737 Max Report

Joel's with us. And good morning to you, Joel. ... GREENE: Do manufacturers say that, as well - that we are bringing it home? I mean, do they ...

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Climate Change Is Not The Only Reason For Record Wildfires

KIRK SIEGLER, BYLINE: Good morning, Rachel. MARTIN: So we know that the forests and the brush and the grasses in the West are ...

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