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Swing State Map Tightens, But Biden Still Leads Trump

Currently he has a 268-to-169 advantage in the Electoral College. ... We've made only a few changes, but one important one: Florida moves back to ... Democratic sections of the district have been registering Democrats since ...

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Biden campaign manager boasts of a 'far more expanded map' to the White House

He just has to win one of three, he continued, pointing out that Trump won with 306 electoral votes, not 270, not on the button. We have some ...

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The Case for Dumping the Electoral College

Yet Trump may still win reelection, since the Electoral College favors voters in ... one in which, by design, we must grapple with divided power.

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Is The Electoral Map Changing?

We zoomed in on how 16 battleground states have voted relative to the ... and we found an electoral map undergoing a series of changes, ... in presidential elections, and how the state is forecasted to vote in 2020, as of Aug.

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2020 Electoral Map Ratings: Biden Has An Edge Over Trump ...

We should start where 2016 left off. Trump's path begins with a 36-electoral vote cushion to start with, after winning 306 electoral votes four years ...

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These maps show how 2020 could come down to 1 electoral vote

It's been 144 years since the Electoral College (how we decide our presidents) was ... All you need to do is shift each of the states by 0.75 point in Biden's direction from where Hillary Clinton ended up, and you get this map.

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Trump, Biden and the road to 270 electoral votes

Trump, Biden and the road to 270 electoral votes ... While Trump's campaign is touting a play for Minnesota as a way to expand the electoral map, the ... we need to go and get over the 270 hump, Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, ...

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This is the widest presidential battleground in a very long time

(CNN) With 64 days left before the 2020 presidential election, the number of swing states is far larger than we've seen in any recent election, a reflection of ... in one state can be moved to another state if the campaign sees a need. ... seen as a set-in-stone indicator of how the two campaigns view the map.

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Navigating the 2020 General Election, locally

Since you probably already know about the presidential candidates, we're focusing on what you need to know on a local level. Keep reading ...

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State of the race: Here's why the electoral college map may be ...

If those three states voted for Clinton and not Trump their combined 46 electoral college votes would have put her in the White House and not ...

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