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Gun Control End Game

Weve seen similar efforts here in the United States. If Biden and Harris are able to advance their gun control plans, perhaps Bloomberg will turn ...

gun control 2020-09-14 www.nraila.org


Gun Control Is Becoming A Core Issue For The Democratic Party

We must elect Joe Biden. He was there for me, hell be there for you too." In his speech accepting the nomination, Biden barely mentioned guns ...

gun control 2020-09-14 gunsandamerica.org


Before They Were Conservative Heroes, St. Louis Couple Fought Gun Companies in Court

Weve got a right to defend ourselves," Mark McCloskey told former ... The McCloskeys now embracing their role as mascots for the gun rights ... pistols derided as "junk guns" by gun rights and gun control activists alike. Brycos ... He said public health practitioners need to earn the respect of gun owners.

gun control 2020-09-14 www.thetrace.org


Senator Chris Murphy Is Worried Were Seeing Democracys ...

Since then, his forceful advocacy for increased gun control has turned ... We need those political prisoners home, and its an abdication of ...

gun control 2020-09-14 www.nytimes.com


Virginias gun-control debate shifts to newly empowered ...

"We need to defend ourselves," Nordvig said. ... votes show how the next phase of Virginias gun-control debate is playing out at the local level, ...

gun control 2020-09-14 www.virginiamercury.com


DNC 2020: Bidens gun control plan, briefly explained

"We are a nation ready to end gun violence," Giffords said, endorsing former ... Biden does have a record, and a plan, in favor of gun control.

gun control 2020-09-14 www.vox.com


Rising Gun Violence Amid Pandemic Points Up Bishops Call ...

"We cannot simply accept it as the new normal," Bishop Seitz told ... Gun control is a political hot button for most Americans, pro and con, and ... of the need for "commonsense" legislation that governs the availability of guns.

gun control 2020-09-14 thetablet.org


Their classmates are murdered, then they take the SATs: How gun violence shapes academics

Their classmates are murdered, then they take the SATs: How gun violence ... half chose legislation to strengthen gun control laws and prevent violence. ... "We definitely need more mental health workers, but you start to get ...

gun control 2020-09-14 www.washingtonpost.com


Gun-control reforms passed last year might not be fully in ...

Gun-control reforms passed last year might not be fully in place until 2022: ... NEW: For every donation of $25 or greater, we will offer a digital ...

gun control 2020-09-14 www.kamloopsthisweek.com


A Biden-Harris Administration Will Make You an Offer You ...

We have to take those guns off the streets." She also called for a "mandatory buyback program" during an October 3, 2019, MSNBC gun control ...

gun control 2020-09-14 www.nraila.org


Pavlich: Biden is still out of touch on gun control | TheHill

We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, Biden tweeted recently. This is not an issue that plays well with the voters Biden ...

gun control 0000-00-00 thehill.com


Biden's Gun Control Claims at Odds With Crime Stats

Gun control advocates commonly pose the question: 'Why do people need a semi-automatic AR-15 to go out and kill deer? ... We cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation's recent drop in gun violence, they ...

gun control 0000-00-00 www.realclearpolitics.com


Joe Biden Crassly Capitalizes On Cop-Killing Attempt For Gun ...

... his true intentions on gun control. Weapons of war have no place in our communities, his tweet said. We need to ban assault weapons and ...

gun control 0000-00-00 thefederalist.com


Biden pushes gun control less than 24 hours after attempted assassination on deputies

We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. ... Biden's comments on the ambush and gun control stand in stark contrast to ...

gun control 0000-00-00 www.foxnews.com


Lax gun laws in neighboring states may increase firearm deaths

A US study suggests strong gun control regulations reduce a state's ... message of this study is that to solve a nationwide problem we need to ...

gun control 0000-00-00 www.medicalnewstoday.com


Guns down: City gun control ordinance draws fire

We've seen extremists exploit lax gun laws to terrorize the public, adds Mike Fox, legislative lead for the Crozet chapter of gun control ...

gun control 0000-00-00 www.c-ville.com


One of Gun-Control's Biggest Lies Exposed

One of Gun-Control's Biggest Lies Exposed ... Do other Americans buying guns for the first time find it as grating as I do to learn that we need ...

gun control 0000-00-00 www.americas1stfreedom.org


Gun Controllers Try to Hide Joe Biden's Anti-gun Extremism

With Fall 2020 upon us it is time again for gun control advocates' ... The candidate responded I do believe that we need to do buybacks.

gun control 0000-00-00 www.nraila.org


Casten calls for ban on assault weapons, stronger gun control ...

Sean Casten remains an advocate of stronger gun control laws. ... 'We have more guns per capita than any other country in the world,' Casten ... Casten made the comment after questioning why people need to own guns.

gun control 0000-00-00 www.nwherald.com


Fairfax County Bans Guns On Public Property

The state law was one of several gun control measures that a newly Democratic ... We must attack this issue from many angles, including ...

gun control 0000-00-00 dcist.com

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