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Gary Horton | Pledge Your Allegiance to America, Itself

I pledge allegiance, to the Flag of the United States of America, and to ... of boats paraded the shoreline, flying various versions of Trump flags, ...

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A Navy veteran could lose his home in a dispute over a flagpole

A Navy veteran who installed a pole in his yard to fly the American flag ... We have a lot of rules, and we sign an agreement to abide by those, ...

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Letter: Fly the American flag correctly on your vehicle

If you are going to fly an American flag, there are rules you must follow. I have seen many flags on vehicles around Alexandria. Unfortunately ...

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Hanover adopts policy on flag flying

The policy only allows for new flags to be flown for exceptional occasions and comes ... the only flags that can fly in the town without prior permission are the American flag, the state ... You pick the news you want, we deliver.

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Pro-trump flag raised by work crew in Sand City parking lot causes a stir

The large flag which was accompanied by an American flag caught ... learned of the flag flying they immediately demanded it be removed.

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Readers Write: National anthem protests, Third District race ...

In fact, they often spoke of their responsibilities as American citizens, like ... In many Army households across this great nation, flags fly outside ...

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Right-wing extremists have adopted the American flag. These ...

The American flag is available to everyone, he said. Any group can fly it and claim that it is their flag, and that it represents the values that they ...

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Tattered American Flag Flies High After Hurricane Sally in Destin, Florida

A torn American flag continued to fly high after Hurricane Sally hit ... We definitely have beach erosion taking place in the entire county, not just ...

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Some veterans upset after White House removes POW/MIA flag

I., sent a letter to the president, urging him to reconsider his decision to move ... Under the new federal law, the POW/MIA flag is to fly on all days on ... had required the POW/MIA flag to be flown below the American flag at the ...

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Flying High: American flags replace Confederate flags on I-40

An American flag and a Christian flag now fly where a Confederate flag formerly flew over Interstate 40 in Hildebran. Chrissy Murphy/The News ...

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