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Egyptian Revival Treasures in Richmond | Cover Story

When the scheme was deemed too expensive, the commission went to ... a Greek revival temple front as well as a distinctive low dome crowning the sanctuary. ... of Egypt and the other the discovery of King Tuts tomb in 1922.

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Inside the final resting place of Tutankhamuns treasures

As big as an airport: The new Grand Egyptian Museum ... Construction has taken eight years so far, the opening delayed multiple times, but the ...

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The story behind the pyramid wall design of Grand Egyptian ...

The previous design of the GEM facade was originally designed as a metal wall ... king Tutankhamun, from his royal tomb, many never seen in public before. ... backrest, beside his left foot is a small statue of his wife and a sarcophagus of ... The coffin was discovered in King Tuts burial chamber in 1922.

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TRAVEL: A visit to King Tuts tomb - Entertainment &. Life

A small portion of his tombs contents first appeared in the U.S. in 1976 at an exhibit ... His name is Tutankhamen, often referred to as King Tut.

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Is this Nefertitis tomb? Radar clues reignite debate over ...

A radar survey around the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypts Valley of ... tomb, which was discovered in 1922 and is unusually small for a ... as Tutankhamuns burial chamber and running parallel to the tombs entrance corridor.

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How King Tut Became a Pharaonic Rock Star Only After Death

And many of the thousands of artifacts found inside Tuts tomb are again ... This small statue was very important to the king because it gave the ...

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King Tuts golden treasures coming to Boston

His interest in King Tut was piqued as a boy in 1976 when a small portion of the tombs contents first appeared in the U.S. at an exhibit ...

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Original tomb raider: was Tutankhamun buried in someone elses grave?

Why would a statue in the golden pharaohs tomb portray him with breasts And why does his face look so feminine As crowds flock to the ...

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King Tutankhamun: How a tomb cast a spell on the world

But as I explore in a new Radio 4 programme, The Cult of King Tut, the ... revealed more than 5,000 objects crammed into the small tomb.

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King Tutankhamun Facts

Born around 1343 BCE, Tutankhamun made history as the youngest known ... The discovery of King Tuts pristine tomb in 1922 remains one of the most ... The chariots used by royalty in ancient Egypt were small and light, ...

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