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The Sky This Week: Theres a bright Moon and planets to view

The Sky This Week: Theres a bright Moon and planets to view ... The Moon passes 1.5° south of Jupiter at 8 P.M. EDT. ... The icy moon fully reappears around 1:45 A.M. E.D.T. on the 2nd. ... Saturns gorgeous rings. see if you can spot the dark Cassini division that separates the two brightest rings, A and B.

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Tracking Time: Colour Me Blue

There was a time when the colour blue was a sign of diving watches. Not anymore. Azure dials are common across all categories of watches, more so this year, with ... a complete revolution, by scanning the 24-hour graduation of the base ring. ... The moon-phase indicator is positioned at 9 oclock, and is also displayed by a ...

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The Sky This Week: Planets galore in the late summer skies

Ganymedes huge shadow often crosses Jupiter as the moon passes in ... called perigee, in its not-quite-circular orbit around Earth at 6:57 A.M. EDT. ... Whether youve been following Jupiter since late last night or are just ... Let this chart guide you to its visible component, the blue giant star HDE 226868.

2020-09-14 astronomy.com


All The Planets In The Solar System Are In Our Night Sky This Week. Heres How You Can See Them

At night—of course—but when each planets becomes visible to you ... visible in the eastern sky and slowly migrate across the ecliptic to set in the west. ... will get you a view of its rings, and perhaps also of its giant moon Titan. ... Neptune: the blue planet and eighth from the Sun is an 8th-magnitude object, ...

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This Day, That Year: Voyager 1 Became First Human-Made ...

It also discovered two Jovian moons, Thebe and Metis, as well as five moons and a new ring called the G-ring around Saturn. ... At present, out of its ten instruments on board, only 4 of them are still running. ... It was Voyager 1, which took the iconic image of the Pale Blue Dot that depicted planet Earth as a ...

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With business and leisure travel on hold, is there still a point to ...

Looking at this years Lange 1 Time Zone, its hard to tell that this 15-year-old ... and a second time zone, both with a new blue ring that indicates day or night. ... Across this is a moon phase that deviates by a day only once every 127 years, and ...

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What Was That Ring Around the Moon Last Night?

Some NBC 5 viewers sent us pictures of the lunar halo seen around the full moon. Often times, the lunar halo is seen when there are high clouds ...

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Sonoma baker Michelle Finn turned sour times into sourdough

Its a circle of happiness. ... makes what she calls sloppy sourdoughs three days a week, sometimes four. ... Her specialty is her flavor creation add-ins – blueberry and blue ... She and her husband have lived in the Valley of the Moon for 24 years. ... She admits that, at this point, there is not a lot of profit.

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Celestron Ambassador 80AZ telescope: Full review

Slewing the telescope across various sections of a dusk sky, we noted that ... Before we began our night of observations, we noted that the ... The moon at a first quarter phase with 53% illumination was an ideal ... of view, with the planets disk and stunning ring system easy to detect. ... There was a problem.

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Did Sean Penn and Leila George Just Get Married? See Her Gorgeous Blue Ring

See Her Gorgeous Blue Ring. Sean Penn and ... Sean Penn and girlfriend Leila George appear to have taken the next step in their relationship.

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