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Walton Countys anniversary celebrated with a nod to John ...

"The Adams-Onis Treaty was significant to Florida history as it wrested ... "John Quincy Adams as president signed the first two land grants in ...

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Story behind Cantonments name goes back more than 200 years | John Appleyard

Meanwhile, diplomats came together, agreed by the Adams-Onis treaty that this series of actions had brought about the transfer of Florida, from ...

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North, East Texas got boundaries in Adams-Onis Treaty

The Adams-Onis Treaty would acquire East Florida and also set a western border at the Sabine ... The treaty was signed on February 22, 1819.

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Greg Steube is Right: the Adams-Onis Treaty, Making Florida Part of US, a Key Part American History

The Adams-Onis Treaty is not only an important part of my states ... 1819, the treaty was signed by then Secretary of State John Quincy Adams ...

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Texas history: Read behind the headlines from the early 1800s

22, 1819: The Adams-Onis Treaty is signed. It establishes the border between Spanish Texas and the Louisiana Purchase. 1820s-1830s: ...

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Greenland Aside, Buying Foreign Land Used to Be Common

Here are some of the most significant land purchases by the United ... When the Adams-Onis Treaty was signed in 1819, Spain ceded West ...

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Florida History: Whos owned Florida longer. Spain or the ...

The deal was signed Feb. ... Arnade wrote that really the transfer was part of the Adams-Onis Treaty, which established the borders between the now-American ...

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Five Insane Facts From New Times History of Florida Slavery

The important thing is not the date, but to have a conversation about ... re-enslavement after the signing of the Adams-Onis Treaty in 1821, ...

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LaVO: Don Luis gift to America - News

Boundary of the Louisiana Purchase as decided by the Adams-Onis Treaty off 1819. [PUBLIC ... Sign up for daily e-mail ... cookie name. Host.

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8 Things You May Not Know About the Louisiana Purchase

For many Americans, this so-called right of deposit was important enough that ... Former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, using the pen name ... Spain disputed this until 1819, when the Adams-Onis Treaty gave the ...

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