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The history of voting in the United States

More than a century later, America is embroiled in a fierce debate about the impact and ... Free black men could vote in six northern states at that time as well, but ... slaves and their posterity, however, as the ruling class in all Southern states ... themselves barred from voting anyway as states found methods for exclusion.

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Dyer: Slavery and history

... you then explained that otherwise, the slave-owning Southern states would not have ... Her great-grandfather became famous by defying the British colonial ... Africans had sold slaves north to various Islamic empires in the ... Most enslaved Africans didnt travel more than a few hundred ... March 13, 2020 ...

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Violence in Portland exposes the real purpose embedded in law enforcement

This most recent string of police killings has led to calls to defund the police. ... Accordingly, any black person found out after dark was stopped by the patrol ... Every one of the original 13 colonies had legalized slavery, and colonies ... Cities, North and South, then began establishing police forces, although ...

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Trevor Phillips on going from rhetoric to reform on racial injustice

More articles can be found at Economist.com/by-invitation and ... and cotton farmers worked in the fields alongside their toiling slaves, Britains sugar ... that there are more Black Lives Matter signs on the streets than there are black people. ... and data reporting, flow eastward to Britain from its former colony.

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75 years later, Japan and South Korea have yet to fully reconcile their wartime and colonial history

Our research explains why Japan and South Korea are unable to ... in inconsistent foreign policy toward the more immediate North Korea ... One analysis of 206 Japanese testimonies found that Japans wartime generation is more ... generation is more likely to be critical of their nations colonial history.

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David Wright Falade on Complicated Backstories

And it turned out that I knew more about the region than I recognized, pieces of Americana that had taken place in the Banks, like the Lost Colony and the Wright brothers first flight. ... isolated from mainland North Carolina and from the mainland South ... In The Sand Banks, 1861, Richard turns thirteen.

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As BLM Goes Global, Its Building on Centuries of Black Internationalist Struggle

For more than two centuries, enslaved, colonized and oppressed ... Africa, Asia, Oceania and North and South America are building on ... Great Britain had abolished slavery in its colonies in 1833, and then ... And despite making up just 13 percent of the U.S. population, Black Americans constitute more ...

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Why Thomas Jeffersons Anti-Slavery Passage Was Removed from the Declaration of Independence

While the 13 colonies were already deeply divided on the issue of slavery, both the South and the North had financial stakes in perpetuating it. ... efforts to abolish the practice, Jefferson over his lifetime enslaved more than ...

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Every recession in U.S. history and how the country responded

and more than tripling the previous 1958 record of 10%. ... When Britain banned American trade with its English colonies for a year, it caused ... Cotton prices peaked when the North and South began to battle. ... The 13-month recession eventually led to the creation of The Federal Reserve system in 1913.

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Fact check: First slaves in North American colonies were not 100 white children from Ireland

Fact check: First slaves in North American colonies were not 100 white children from Ireland ... Examples of the posts can be found here , here , and here . According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a civil rights organization ... Read more about our work to fact-check social media posts here .

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