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Europes first family

In the decades before and after its dissolution, some observers belittled ... and mass expulsions that culminated in World War II devastated the ...

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On this day -- August 6

1870 – Franco-Prussian War: The Battle of Worth results in a ... 1956 – After going bankrupt in 1955, the American broadcaster ... 1978). 1900 – Cecil Howard Green, English-American geophysicist and businessman, co-founded Texas ... classical archaeologist and a member of WWII Polish resistance (d.

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Germanys Former Royal Family Wants Its Palaces and Art Back

Some of it was ceded to Germany after the dissolution of the monarchy, ... taken by the Soviets after the end of World War II and the establishment of the ... as summer residences for the kings of Prussia and Germany and now ...

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Guest column: The hidden agenda behind Defund the Police

The goal of the left is simply to dissolve local law enforcement and ... Secondly, since I was born after WWII, I have always referred to the area ... Himmler and his allies took over the political police of state after state, excluding Prussia. ... Since it looks like the Dems are poised to win in November, if Trump is ...

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Caught between Hitlers troops and Stalins: How one family escaped

In the decades prior to World War II, Ukraine suffered terribly under Stalinist rule. Then, on September 19, 1941, Kiev fell to the Nazis after ...

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A June 22 Hitler Had Not Bargained for

After all, it marked the Allies getting a foothold on the continental mainland, ... Allied operation of World War II, a campaign that dwarfed not only Overlord but ... was to culminate in the battle of Berlin and the dissolution of the Third Reich. ... of Poland and East Prussia and facilitate future operations hugely.

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The forgotten ‘wolf children of World War II

Following the end of the devastating conflict, children of East Prussia went to ... In the aftermath of World War II, children were often left without ... through the name-dissolving institutions of Ellis Island, as well as two marriages.

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Opinion | Bring Back Prussia

Similar flirtations with Afghanistan preceded World War II. Today Germany has the third largest fighting force in Afghanistan after the United States ...

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50 Most Powerful Leaders of All Time

The Hun empire dissolved in the year following Attilas death in 453. ... Otto Von Bismarck was the prime minister of Prussia and founder and first ... Tojo Hideki was the leader of the Japanese government during WWII and ...

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23 Countries That No Longer Exist and the History Behind Them

The oldest country is the Republic of San Marino, which was founded in 301 ... Korea was divided into North and South Korea after World War II, with the ... Under the dynasty, Prussia expanded its size and sovereignty with ...

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