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‘Freedom Means Something Different to Liberals and Conservatives. Heres How the Definition Split—And Why That Still Matters

And from that perspective, the American colonists already were free, even though ... rejected the example of the French revolutionaries, arguing that they had confused ... Instead, freedom-lovers should look to the British constitution, where ... Being alert to this history can help us to understand why, today, ...

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Plague of killer hornets set to invade Britain and destroy bee population, experts warn

Now the Somerset Beekeepers Association wants the public to send in photos of hornets and have developed an app to help people report sightings. ... If you see a hornet take a photo, send it to us and well do the rest. Or use ... French scientists estimated the cost to the UK of dealing with invasions — by ...

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Plague of killer hornets set to invade UK and destroy bee population, experts warn

A PLAGUE of killer hornets is set to invade the UK and decimate our honeybee ... Now the Somerset Beekeepers Association wants the public to send in photos of hornets and have developed an app to help people report sightings. ... Lynne, a beekeeper with 30 honeybee colonies near Bridgwater, ...

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Adam Shatz · On Albert Memmi · LRB 24 August 2020

Most French critics of colonial rule focused on land expropriation, the ... by allying himself with Arab nationalists fighting against French rule, but once ... Hes hardly a Jew since, in a sense, he doesnt want to be one. ... Memmi helped contribute to its dissolution, both as a militant in the ... letters@lrb.co.uk

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Why doesnt the US use the metric system?

In the 1790s, the French Academy of Sciences was asked by the government ... the British system was too ingrained in American industry as well as the national psyche. ... uniformity, and its perfectly rational to want local control, he said. ... its continental neighbors over its former colonies, Alder explained.

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Hamilton: What The Musical Changes (&. Leaves Out) About The Real Lafayette

While he fought for freedom in the American Revolution, Lafayette ... returned to France to convince Louis XVI to send aid to the colonies, ... The choice was simple: one could be loyal to Britain or want to start a new country.

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BHLs Return to Libya and Frances ‘Hell of Good Intentions

He says he wanted to understand and help explain: What has happened ... The attackers did not want BHL in Libya, as the video clip of the incident ... He spoke of his fight for democracy and human rights in faraway places. ... In The Hell of Good Intentions, his 2018 book on Americas fading primacy in ...

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How the Aedes aegypti Mosquito Took Over the World

Cup in hand, Diallo hailed us a cab and negotiated a fare to the Pasteur Institute. ... Aedes aegypti, whatever else you want to say about it, is a good-looking animal. ... when competing American, French, and English research teams ... its viruses are so good at parasitizing us could also help us fight them.

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George Pyle: Protect Ben Franklins gift to America

It helps that the history of what is now officially known as the United States ... then as postmaster general of the colonies under the British crown and then, ... ambassador to France, he had his son-in-law appointed in his stead. ... He wants to defund and emasculate the USPS so that it will not be up to the ...

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Why Every City Feels the Same Now

In former colonies, such hegemonic architecture—so named because those in ... Fragments of France can still be found in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. ... In 1928, an American town sailed up a tributary of the Amazon. ... that the company could take off and relocate anywhere in the world, whenever it wants.

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