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Q&.A: John Wilmerding

When I was a curator at the National Gallery, one of the first major paintings I ... Why is Charles Willson Peales portrait of Benjamin Franklin notable ... them together in one frame, which leads to the invention of bifocal lenses.

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Stamp Out the Trump Attacks on Our Postal Service ...

As one of our most august Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin would tell Donald Trump to go fly a kite. ... sage, wit, inventor—he was a shrewd and successful businessman. ... One of the best of those experiments—besides bifocals and his ... All evidence points to DeJoy—a major Trump donor and GOP ...

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7 of the Most Important of Ben Franklins Accomplishments

Benjamin Franklin was an incredibly important scientist, inventor, and ... Benjamin Franklin is commonly credited with the invention of bifocal ...

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17 Benjamin Franklin Quotes on Tyranny, Liberty, and Rights ...

He was a prolific inventor, from his trademark bifocals to the Franklin Stove and artificial fertilizer. He ran his own paper and published Poor ...

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Benjamin Franklin, social genius of the 18th century ...

Benjamin Franklin, a founder of the USPS, was at the center of that ... also invented practical objects such as bifocals, among many other achievements. ... When I started this project, Franklin was the only major U.S. founder ...

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Benjamin Franklin Said This Is the Noblest Question in the ...

Benjamin Franklin was a true Renaissance man. Entrepreneur, author, politician, inventor, musician, and scientist, he was also quite the advice giver. ... such as bifocals, swim fins (flippers), and, of course, the lightning rod. ... But you can make the most significant contributions when you take the attention off ...

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11 Surprising Facts About Benjamin Franklin

Young Benjamin made up for his lack of schooling by spending what little money ... devising inventions such as the lightning rod, bifocal glasses and a more ... Among Franklins more unusual inventions is his glass armonica, an ... Franklin with his famous kite experiment—but they later had a major falling ...

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9 Lesser-Known Inventions from Great Inventors in History

Happy birthday to Thomas Edison, inventor of the Universal Stock Ticker, ... Benjamin Franklin is another of the worlds most famous inventors. Famed for creating the first bifocals, and helping draft the Declaration of ... The combination of Fords genius with engines and Carvers significant expertise with ...

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Captain America Invented The United States Flag (Seriously)

Captain America Invented The United States Flag (Seriously) ... but its very important to him to show Steve Rogers what hes fighting for. ... has to have a sequence with Benjamin Franklin is beyond understanding, but without fail, as soon as Cap arrives in 1776 he runs into the man who invented bifocals.

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The Mysterious Skeletons in Ben Franklins Basement

Benjamin Franklin, often called the first American, is a beloved figure in American history for the important role he played in shaping the country. ... During his lifetime, he invented the rocking chair, bifocals, political cartoons ...

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