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What is The American Revolution, Anyway (Version 3)?

The American Patriots in the Thirteen Colonies won independence from ... of paying [more] taxes), they also wanted the possibility of expanding ...

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Hicks: A tea party, a continental congress and the beginning of ...

The colonies were just as divided as Charles Town. Some wanted independence from Britain while others called for reconciliation. After two ...

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How Ben Franklin Established the US Post Office

As colonial postmaster, Franklin did much of his work remotely. ... leaders in the colonies sought the suppression of colonists at all costs, Mulford says. ... A few months after the founding fathers declared independence in July ...

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The British thought they would rule India forever. capital was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi

That is because the British Imperial crown had so many colonies across the world that at any given time, it was day time at least one of the ...

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Justification for resuscitating the sovereign state of Biafra (2)

On the one hand, colonial administrators wanted the north to control ... to manipulation even after independence might have been achieved.

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In the face of the past crimes of the European colonial powers ...

... want to know the truth about the dark past of the colonial powers and ... on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of Congos independence, ...

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How Did Puerto Rico Become A US-Governed Territory?

They wanted independence. This happened in Puerto Rico when news of the civil unrest in other colonies reached them. Puerto Ricans were ...

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Pakistan Independence Day: What is Pakistan Independence Day, why is it celebrated?

Pakistans Independence Day falls on the same date every year, ... in the subcontinent was happy about this, and a number of people wanted to go ... After World War II, it was expected that British colonies in India would soon ...

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Clarifying the role of Edward Heath in the creation of the ...

... end-game, which at the time was very popular among the colonies, ... Wee Ginger Dug: This is why the Tories want a new independence ...

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Fight for economic equality is as old as America itself

In 1773, as the colonies drew closer to revolt, New Haven minister Benjamin ... As the war ended, Americans celebrated independence and the ... but did not include limits on land ownership that the NRA had also wanted.

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