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South Bay 7-year-old girl creates interactive calendars for kids to raise money for Monterey Bay Aquarium

'I read the paragraph to her that the Monterey Bay Aquarium has been ... and trying to think of things she really loves to do that other kids could also do. ... I hope people buy my calendar so we can help save all the sea otters.

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Things To Do in Santa Cruz: Sept. 16-22

TOP DOG SCREENING We are excited to announce a Virtual Screening ... For more details on Sea Otter Awareness Week events and activities, visit ... ANNUAL COASTAL CLEANUP For over a decade, Save Our Shores has ...

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Marine Mammal Rescue Centre has busy week saving sea ...

Before this rescue effort even began, however, a second report from Parks Canada came in about a severely injured sea otter on a beach in ...

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The board game Endangered shows just how hard conservation can be

Saving endangered species isn't easy. ... The game starts with a set of animals in their habitat, either tigers or sea otters, depending on which of the game's two ... Only by working together do we have any chance of success.

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Research buildings saved as wildfire sweeps across Big ...

A 15,000-gallon reserve water tank and sprinklers helped save the Whale ... We won't know the impact on the natural resources for some time. ... ranging from sea otters to old growth redwoods, and coastal stream habitat.

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How has a lack of bike shows in 2020 affected businesses within the industry?

... world have been cancelled for 2020, including Taipei Cycle, Sea Otter Classic, ... What hasn't been affected is sales we have been amazed at the ... how we do this in the future and whether there should be a shift in focus to ... positive enhancements, whether that's saving travel time or allowing more ...

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Tourists Might be Harming Otters, Researcher Says

For the sea otters of Moss Landing, the beginning of summer is a stressful time. ... Sea otters nap to save energy. A kayaker ... We should be well-positioned to do a comparative 'before and after' study, Bentall said. Ultimately ...

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Can AI Read Scientific Literature to Help Save Animals Like ...

To do that, we first have to understand case law, we have to ... like giant pandas, rhinos, elephants, or in Van Houtan's case, sea otters.

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Sea otters saved again

The recovery of sea otter (Enyhdra lutris) populations near Canada's ... The good news will hopefully save the otters yet again. ... The analysis by Gregre et al. should spark a new era of ecological-economic research that can ...

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Study: The Benefits of Reintroducing Sea Otters | Science

People are pretty aware of public perceptions of otters, so nobody wants to come right out and say otters are horrible and we should get rid of ...

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