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10 life-changing principles for Rosh Hashana

Praying, we give thanks to G-d for all we have, and for life itself. ... to mixed messages by concluding that you cannot be that serious about Judaism, so why should they? ... But then, everything worth having needs self-control.

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Why Jean and Alf are a real diamond duo

We honestly give thanks to our incredible family and to our NHS for us being ... Alf, also 80, added: We think love makes up everything.

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God Has Already Revealed His Plan for Your Life | RELEVANT

Me: God, will you give me clarity on what I should be doing? God: (more ... Give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Let the ...

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Instead of sending out more anxiety, here's a way to send out ...

If I died young, but had given life everything, I would call that a life well lived. And if loved ones ... How to give thanks for 29 years of friendship?

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NYC eateries can soon add a COVID-19 surcharge to restaurant checks

We're trying to give restaurants the option of adding a surcharge to let their customers know they need to raise a little bit more money to make ...

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Briefing With Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela ...

Thanks, and I'm happy to take questions on either Venezuela or Iran. ... But I'll give you an example of where we expect a practical effect: the arms embargo. ... the arms embargo should be extended, and had it been extended, we would ... both logic and everything we know about the nature of this regime.

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Shatel: Thanks to Nebraska, the Big Ten football season is back better late than never

And it has everything to do with Nebraska. ... But reality is why you give the green light to football a month later. ... That side of the Big Ten happened Wednesday, and nobody but nobody should ... For now, we have football.

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Why 5780 Has Been My Best Year Yet

We are in this world to give and to grow. ... First, I would like to thank G-d that I became the proud grandmother ... Actually the wedding was pushed forward two days, (thanks to some inside information telling us that everything will likely ... It does help, it does work, but you must stay committed, devoted and ...

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'Little Cu' | Circle Round 106 | Circle Round

To you I give feathers as red as the sun in the sky! ... Thank you, Owl! ... It isn't right that Little Cu should walk around all bare-bodied like that! ... You see, despite everything that happened, Owl knew that Dove's heart was in ...

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Malcolm Gaskill Diary: On Quitting Academia LRB 24 ...

Hesitating again, I made a few calls, stared out of the window, then signed. ... minister, worried that academic pay was crap and I'd have to read everything. ... to cancelling an advertised module should the lecturer take research or ... Vice-chancellors and deans always remember to give thanks and praise at ...

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