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3 mini-vacations in the Midwest that offer spectacular scenery ...

As much as we love our own four walls, there comes a time when we crave a change ... Here are three Midwest getaways, ranging from a day trip to two nights away, ... overlook later, we reached Stockholm Pie and General Store, a must if ... Sit distanced outside at the piazza, complete with burbling water ...

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Exploring The Parks: Big Bend's Outer Mountain Loop

Hauling a lot of water through the mountains in winter may not be ... For people who want a less challenging trip in Big Bend, I'll have some ideas for you, too. ... Adding a night at the start of the trip meant that we could climb Emory ... We based our plans on the full gallon, and tried to drink at a steady pace.

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Kristen Bell Finds Daughters Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer During Class Zoom

Kristen Bell Finds Daughters Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer During Class Zoom ... They're just, like, sipping their [O'Doul's] and I'm like, 'What must these other ... So, when he broke out the non-alcoholic beers the night before, they didn't see ... According to O'Doul's website, their beverage has less than 0.5 ...

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VIDEO | Lawsuit: Medical neglect, inhumane treatment ...

TEXARKANA, Texas A woman who died of meningitis less than a week after an ... 'Unfortunately, I must defer public comment at this time. ... On June 9, 2019, in the evening, food and a cup of water are placed in the cell. ... She quickly grabs the cup, tries to take a drink from it, realizes it's empty, and lies ...

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65 Years Later, Kelly Residents Still Battle UFO Stigma

The event occurred on the night of August 21, 1955. ... No less than 16 local authorities responded to the farm, including four ... that around 7 p.m., Billy Ray was fetching water from a backyard well ... Growing up in Kentucky, I've heard stories about the Kelly alien ... The funny thing was, Lucky didn't drink.

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How a Liquid-Based Diet Can Improve Your Sleep, Digestion and Workouts

After a late night out, you might nurse yourself back to life with a combination ... We've written routinely about water consumption, and for good reason. ... Below, find seven drinks that I have introduced into my nutritional rituals. ... frankly, but anyone looking to up their ventilatory threshold should give it a try.

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Jill Duggar: I Don't Care What Jim Bob Says! I'm Gonna Keep ...

We don't believe the Bible teaches that drinking is a sin, Derick once told a ... the last thing we should be doing is setting ourselves up for another few ... which is already polluting the ground, crops and water in Australia and around the world. ... The night marked his first win in the Entertainer category and ...

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Sojourn, a short story by Elaine Feeney

This must come from shallowness about oneself, for I am quite sure that ... Ocean, suggested we go get a drink in a public house with the locals, ... the way of them and less about their work, which infuriated me. ... Back in Devon, the children aren't sleeping at night. they resemble Irish weather, grumbly.

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The Hot List: Six products to look and feel your best this Autumn

Pieces are created using eco-friendly fabrics, the brand's denim uses 65 per cent less water and it favours organic cotton and recycled finishes.

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Craig Hlavaty: Celebrating a year of sobriety in a drunken 2020

21, 2019, at a charity event, I had my last alcoholic drinks: a sturdy shot of ... I was less a rakish Dean Martin figure and more an angry macho jerk. ... I'd flip to Booze Sherpa mode offering water, a snack, another drink, a ride ... No late nights out means no more feasting from the fridge after the last call.

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