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PSU Football Parents are Speaking Out Against the Conferences Decision to Postpone Season

Why punish the teams that are doing it the right way, like Penn State They are not only following the protocols but leading in them. They are ...

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Punish thieves of Covid-19 resources

Punish thieves of Covid-19 resources. Monday, August 17, 2020. PPEs at Shona EPZ Limited in Athi River. Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group ...

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Contempt, Dignity and Fair Criticism: What Do They Mean to Courts?

Superior courts of record have the powers to punish contempts ... and limits the powers of certain courts in punishing contempt of courts.

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Trump Says History Will Forget Bill Barr If He Doesnt Punish ...

Trump Says History Will Forget Bill Barr If He Doesnt Punish Trumps Enemies. By. Farron Cousins. -. August 17, 2020. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email.

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Rob Manfred can punish MLB players for sign-stealing under new agreement, per report

The punishment is not nearly enough of a deterrent. Steal signs and you might win a World Series, and the worst-case scenario is what, you get ...

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Seven exhortations Christian parents should embrace

The punishment must fit the crime and we must explain to our children why their behavior was wrong and why we are punishing them. Again, we ...

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When caning of children becomes abuse: Lawyers explain the ...

Delaying the punishment ensured that the caning was done in a very objective way and not in the ... Can a parent punish a child for that

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What to do with anti-maskers? Punishment has its place, but can also entrench resistance

... do with anti-maskers Punishment has its place, but can also entrench resistance. July 29, 2020 11.45pm EDT. Meg Elkins, Robert Hoffmann, RMIT University ...

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In Finding Prashant Bhushan Guilty of Contempt, the SCs Reasoning is Hardly Convincing

Ironically, by punishing Bhushan, the bench is unlikely to deter future ... If anything, future historians are likely to consider the punishment ...

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Please Help, Not Punish! -- Academy Of Medicine Of Malaysia

We stand with the unified plea to lawmakers to decriminalise suicide by repealing or amending Section 309 of the Penal Code. 6. Sadness and ...

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