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Letting go of being No. 1, Katy Perry finds her Smile

But I do believe that you have the choice when you can zoom out just a little ... and the weird thing is that I was putting the finishing touches on it, vocally, ... In your twenties you hear about people that are more mature than you ...

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OPINION | PHILIP MARTIN: Republican Scientology

But social media is a bad thing for democracy. ... But I dont believe any of those people who benefit from Scientology actually believe in it. ... Maybe L. Ron Hubbard wasnt some weird science fiction writer who lived on a boat ...

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Bears GM Ryan Pace sees a turnaround season ahead: ‘I love the mindset of this team. But what if hes wrong?

Will the fan base remain tolerant if things remain clunky out of the gates next month ... In a weird way, there was something special about how genuinely ... But usually, when you have good people who believe in one another ...

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BoA Talks Her 20th Anniversary, Legacy &. Being A Forerunner Of K-Pops Rise

BoA: Its a little hard to believe that its already been 20 years. ... But overall its an interesting and weird feeling. ... hope going forward in my career that people will see me as an artist they can continue to expect things from.

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Expert tips on how to take care of indoor houseplants

"Plants are living things with needs," explained Los Angeles plant expert ... Danae is a researcher and seeker so she also knows about weird, cool, ... but I believe there are basic principles that people who have a good eye for ...

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Ohio Delegate Prepares For Republican National Convention

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Very weird is, like, a thing. ... you know, going through the whole Russia incident, and then you have people like myself ... STANLEY: Because I believe what Trump is doing when hes trying to bring back ...

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The Grand Old Meltdown

"What do Republicans believe ... the provinces—connecting the concerns of everyday people to their ... "Thats what we believe in now. ... Things werent much sunnier on the Senate side, where one ... When your war is boundless and undefined, you end up sharing foxholes with some pretty weird allies.

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First Season Of HBOs I May Destroy You Comes To A Close

So can I tell you guys the thing that stood out to me ... And that was the weird part - was feeling like theres this show about this ... And hopefully it starts conversations in peoples own lives about what theyve done and what theyve experienced. ... MICHAELA COEL: (As Arabella) I believe he is a predator.

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Is QAnon the Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory of the 21st Century?

This research is, basically, typing things into Google but when they ... It reminded me specifically of how people get to alternate reality games. ... it will feel like a hero because this weird talent they have is put to use. ... because people have reason to believe there is a conspiracy behind how the world works.

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Nickel: Playing on edge is a good thing for Bucks

Nickel: Playing on edge is a good thing for Bucks ... It was weird and out of character for a team with so much talent and depth. ... "We believe in ourselves, we believe in our team. ... "Theres going to be a lot of people out there saying that, you know, we might go until then – but if you dont go out there and ...

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