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Prostate cancer: Do you feel this after using the toilet? The major early warning sign

Experiencing urinary retention is a major early warning sign of the disease. ... affects both men and women, but it occurs more often in men, especially as they get older. ... Chronic urinary retention occurs over a long period of time. ... Problems urinating, including a slow or weak urinary stream or the need to ...

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How a Chemical Weapons Disaster in WWII Led to a U.S. ...

The old port town of Bari, on Italys Adriatic coast, was bustling. ... treating gravely injured sailors would be made even more difficult by wartime secrecy. ... noticed something different from the usual cloying mix of sweat, urine and disinfectant. ... I feel these men may have been exposed to mustard in some manner, Colonel, ...

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Mellinger Minutes: fans at Arrowhead this fall, plus actual football and Royals talk

The Chiefs plan to have some 16,000 people at their home opener in 23 ... And how quickly can he then change into a urine-free shirt ... because Im not going through old tape of these guys as starters, but to ... Quarterback is always an interesting position to watch, and this year thats more true than most.

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12 Dementia Risks Everyone Should Know

This report suggests that many people have the potential to reduce their ... drinking as one drink per day for women and two per day for men. ... and that older adults are more likely to experience effects of chronic ... which are often changed in similar ways in other dementia disorders, Dr. Hansson says.

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What Does a Split Urine Stream Mean?

You take a bathroom break and find your urine stream has quite ... This sticky situation is often caused by dry ejaculate that doesnt fully exit the ... urine stream, symptoms of meatal stenosis include difficulty urinating and pain ... Its common for men to develop an enlarged prostate gland as they get older.

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Is an Enlarged Prostate a Serious Medical Condition?

Frequent urination, feeling you always have to go, weak stream, dribbling, and ... Some men with those symptoms just figure that its a part of getting older and theres ... then the urine backs up and you start having kidney problems as a result. ... Interviewer: So it can oftentimes be just kind of this slow onset, ...

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3 prostate health issues men should watch for

Symptoms include an urge to urinate, as well as trouble urinating. ... Older men can have a chronic infection with milder symptoms that may get better, then return again off ... It is usually slow-growing with a high survival rate.

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Rosenthal Explains Her Homeless Shelter Position, Changing ...

Rosenthal said she was unhappy with how the city has been ... We are in a difficult situation as a city, and as a district. ... The Lucerne, with about 283 male clients, serves those with drug ... As has been noted frequently in comments, she is term limited. ... When they publically urinate, its all yellow.

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Blood in Urine Signs, Causes, and Treatments

Always get any blood in your urine checked out. ... 12% of men will get at least one UTI during their life), thanks to the ... Good to know: Because older women are prone to UTIs and they ... bladder cancer symptoms mimic a UTIburning and a frequent need to go. ... woman having trouble sleeping image.

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Rule out bladder cancer first if you have urination problems

It occurs more frequently in males than in females, and is, in fact, the sixth ... Blood in the urine does not always indicate bladder cancer though.

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