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Art and Civic Duty: A Conversation with Jose Dario Gutierrez

... plays on a very important, classical piece of Colombian art from the Antioquia region, kind of like Antioquias Mona Lisa. So the visitor begins ...

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An American Mona Lisa: “Magas Daughter” by Andrew Wyeth

An American Mona Lisa: "Magas Daughter" by Andrew Wyeth ... "Magas Daughter," painted in 1966 when the artist was at the very height of his ... She was immensely important in nurturing Andrews work and was much more ...

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Can you recognize these famous women with their masks on?

So, in desperation, in this time of mandatory masks, home stays, and perpetual social distancing, Ive decided to commit these ... Mona Lisa 2.

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The Sports Report: Clippers lose to Mavericks in Game 4

Really looking out and being a servant to so many people in Los Angeles ... The original "Mona Lisa," painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century, ... Its been important to us all season to embody what he stood for and ...

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The CarAdvice team name their favourite car theyve ever ...

So grab a drink, settle in and get to know the people behind the wheel (or desk, or camera). ... Football isnt a game of life and death, its way more important than that. ... The Starry night by Van Gogh, or maybe the Mona Lisa.

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This moonstruck aroma sculptor wants to build scent from space

... the moon, in particular Neil Armstrong, the first man ever to do so in 1969. ... his work to other creative arts, with his nose his most important instrument. ... to reconstruct the scent of the Mona Lisa, or at least her surroundings.

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Heart strands drawn by Leonardo da Vinci finally understood

... impulses travel through the heart - so they may be important for more than ... His most recognisable works include the Mona Lisa, The Last ...

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The History and Influence of Da Vincis Vitruvian Man

Along with the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, his Vitruvian Man ... and notes that the shapes drawn around the man have important significance. ... By doing so, Vitruvius and other architectural scholars believed they could ...

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Buckingham Palace Picture Gallerys First Exhibition

The Saicco lamp even has a built-in charging port, so youll be able to ... just like another very famous, memeworthy work of art: the Mona Lisa.

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Louisville doctors: Wear a mask. This virus is mean. We dont want you to get it

Dr. Monalisa Tailor spoke eloquently for all of us: I ask every ... This is why physical distancing and masks are so important. It helps prevent the ...

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