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The Bush-Gore Florida Recount: An Oral History

Subscribe to The Atlantic Daily, our free weekday email newsletter. ... It was a broken-down old charter. ... he wanted to say so he could write history, so he could help write a film, so he could be so important in this recount.

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China Has Squandered Its First Great Opportunity

So far, Beijing has squandered the opportunity in dramatic fashion. ... After the border skirmish, India—one of the most important markets for ...

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Uncommon U-Turn Should Help Consign No Excuses Schools To History

Charter schools known for their uncompromising approach to student ... So influential has this approach become, and seen as so integral to Uncommons success, that it has spawned admirers and imitators across the Atlantic, eager to ... this approach represents a significant blow to the no excuses culture.

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Whos undermining the global order?

To understand this, it is important to understand what international order is and ... So if we argue that a country is revisionist of the international order, what we ... The principles of the 1941 Atlantic Charter in which Franklin D ...

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The World is Now America and China

Thats the choice many nations have to make, some observers we talked to for ... "There will be important changes under Biden, but what wont change is ... "Or, expanding its North Atlantic Charter remit to the Western Pacific.

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New Understanding of the Bretton Woods Agreements Opens ...

The staggering importance of the three works cited above is that they blow ... So with the Atlantic Charter, which embodies the Four Freedoms, ...

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Does ‘Five Eyes countries unity on Hong Kong impact Israel, Middle East?

The suspension is important because it shows that the "Five Eyes" ... FVEY has its roots in the Atlantic Charter of the Second World War period. ... in the Five Eyes are key players in the Middle East in some way or another.

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Death of a Statesman

... contravened the United Nations Charter, and set a terrible precedent for the new, post-Cold War world. ... He believed that the "Atlantic community" has a common ... By so doing, Scowcroft also enhanced the powers of the National ... from grappling with the more important Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and ...

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New North Babylon Aldi Set To Open This Week

Long Island is an important market for us, and we are proud to be opening ... Proposed Long Island Career Charter School Charter School for ...

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Coronavirus latest news: First documented coronavirus re-infection found in man who had travelled in Britain

All I can say is the risks are very, very, very small that theyll even get it, but ... can also change the direction of the research and thats really important. ... to make progress in drafting a new Syrian charter to lay the foundations for ... Free Covid-19 insurance is to be provided to customers of Virgin Atlantic, ...

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