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The robotics revolution is here, and its changing how we live

A Caterpillar 336 excavator was digging that hole62 feet in diameter, ... Every dip, dig, raise, turn, and drop of the 41-ton machine required firm control and well-tuned judgment. ... Robots take inventory and clean at big stores. ... saying, Bend your left forearm inward a little, during exercise, or Nice job!

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What Is Hatha Yoga and What Are the Benefits?

Through my Hatha yoga practice, I have developed increased flexibility, better air flow and ... Begin to center your breath and turn your awareness inward. Spread your knees wide while bringing your big toes to touch.

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Thanks To Seaweed, A Family In Rural Newfoundland ...

She was reeling cod in and a shark bigger than her got in instead. ... But it turned out, the answer to their financial worries lay (literally) at their feet. ... I feel like my respect for the ocean is even greater because I have to work with ... in their region, as the tourism industry has turned inward for support, for the ...

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RACHEL SHENK: Meteor shower is reminder of natures beauty

Its midnight and Im laying in the dark on my back on our picnic table. ... I feel myself dissolving into a world so much bigger than me. ... Laying here, I look inward. ... I gently lift myself off the table, my eyes still turned to the sky, and as my feet hit the wooden deck boards, I witness one more brilliant meteor ...

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Running on empty: How the pandemic has left many of us ...

... weeks ago when a man getting into his car about 30 feet away called out to her. ... My anger, which I think we all feel, is toward the fact that people are just not listening. ... People are just going into that big hole and theyre not getting out of it. ... When people are anxious and fearful, they turn inward.

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The Literature of the Pandemic Is Already Here

The turn inward is entirely logical, but the structuring impulse does not ... The Decameron Project has a bigger problem than a proclivity for organization. ... lie down, sit up, touch my toes, swing my arms, make a phone call, ...

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The importance of unravelling towards our true height when ...

... the shoulders slumped forward, the breast sunken inward and the neck and ... Breath has a huge impact on our nervous system, which in turns helps us ... Having said all that: I catch myself holding in my hips or shoulders even ... Your feet should hug the floor at the base of your big and little toe as well as ...

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The Future Is Pending: Self-Portraits Of Melbourne Musicians ...

Ill have to turn to sex work to survive. ... This lockdown has been more difficult, but my dog is getting fit as fuck. ... musical relief and I have hope that itll help artists get back on their feet. ... seem to making a big dent in terms of an enjoyable way to consume art, so Im racking my brains as to what it may be!

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Anger Rises After Beirut Blast and Evidence Officials Knew of Risks

What we are witnessing is a huge catastrophe, the head of Lebanons ... apartments doors and windows were blown inward, damaging everything inside. ... The same explosion would produce 27 p.s.i. at a distance of 793 feet ... eyes, I tried to take in the sight of my apartment turned into a demolition site.

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What Is Ashtanga Yoga and What Are the Benefits?

If you want to turn up the intensity of your flow, Ashtanga yoga might be ... the purpose of competition and winning ... my body only knew how to go hard, Almeida says. ... Start standing with your big toes touching and a small amount of ... Keep the thighs firm and slightly turned inward and the arms firm and ...

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