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Harry Potter 3D Is Chinas Highest Weekend Earner Since ...

Harry Potter 3D Is Chinas Highest Weekend Earner Since Theaters Reopened ... saying the re-release of the film from their childhood is a call for them ... they would premiere in time for the Golden Week holiday in October.

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GGRAsia IVS return positive, VIP recovery could take 3yrs ...

The first week of October marks a seasonal holiday encompassing Chinas National Day, and is also known as autumn Golden Week. Chinas ...

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Covid-19 and floods spark China food crisis fear

Earlier this week Chinese President Xi Jinping sounded the alarm about a looming ... The top leaders call to stop piling more food on to your plate than you can ... As the National Day golden week holiday in October and other ...

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All of Asias Eyes Turn to Bali

It was the week after Chinese New Year, and the driver guiding me through ... Meanwhile, Taiwans media called for cross-border travel to be ruled out for ... The first week of October is one of two Golden Week public holidays, ...

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UK Suspends Extradition Treaty With Hong Kong Over Security Law

Chinese anger over that move deepened last week when the British ... George Osborne, called a golden era in relations with China. Chinese ...

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Chinese Communist Party aims to turn Beijing into an e-sports hub

Chinas capital, Beijing, is expected to become the countrys new ... That initiative, called E-sports Beijing 2020, was unveiled over the weekend by Fu Hua ... and given this golden opportunity presented by a paradigm shift in ...

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McGrath ad uses GOP talking points to hit McConnell on China. He calls ad racist.

His trade deals made China richer, their military stronger. ... is just racist, pure and simple, said Kevin Golden, McConnells campaign manager. ... Earlier this week, McGrath called McConnells ad ridiculous and over the top ...

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Why is Xi Jinping pitting China against the world?

... end of the so-called golden era of relations with the UK. engaged in a war of words with Australia, bringing relations close to an all-time low. ...

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Chinas Mars Tianwen-1 Launch Will Answer a Heavenly Question

He called the exploration of Mars a manifestation of the countrys ... with an orbiter, four scientists involved in the program wrote last week in the ... A mission to Mars might seem like a golden opportunity to change the topic.

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Crucial period for Brexiteers as deadlines dawn

... Prime Minister Winston Peters who said last week that London still is ... about China with relations entering what was called a golden era ...

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