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Psychiatrists sound alarm over the thousands hooked on Valium on steroids

Initially, it was hoped the drug, and its milder sibling gabapentin, could be a less risky alternative to ... This is where things got really bad.

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Long-Term Use of Gabapentin May Trigger MG Exacerbations ...

Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant medication approved for the treatment of focal seizures (seizures caused by abnormal activity in a specific region ...

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Gabapentinoids Ineffective for Pain Relief After Surgery

We are doomed. Sciortino Hardwood Floors 2 weeks ago. Gabapentin has some real bad side affects for me when it was prescribed I had ...

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Gabapentin Horror

Thats when my new psychiatrist prescribed Neurontin (gabapentin). ... It wasnt bad and I tolerated it much better than I had been tolerating ...

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FDA Warns of Serious Respiratory Problems With Gabapentin

Life-threatening breathing difficulties can occur in patients who use gabapentin or pregabalin with opioids or other drugs that depress the ...

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Dr. Roach: Nontraditional treatment versus pain meds

The physician prescribed gabapentin. ... Often, the problem is muscle spasm, which can be caused by stress and bad posture. In that case, a ...

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The Trouble with Lyrica and Gabapentin and What to Do Instead

Lyrica (pregabalin) and gabapentin (Neurontin) are in a class of drugs ... Bad initial side effects when I started in 2012, extreme headaches, can ...

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Millions Are Turning to This Drug for Pain and Anxiety. But Theres Almost No Evidence It Works

Theyre finding that, when used along with other drugs, gabapentin ... a couple of months ago, she didnt notice any symptoms, good or bad.

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Gabapentin: The most dangerous drug in America?

Some users report taking up to 5,000 milligrams at once, which is nearly 2.5 times the usual prescribed daily dose of 1,800 mg. At those high ...

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Millions Take Gabapentin for Pain. But Theres Scant Evidence It Works.

One of the most widely prescribed prescription drugs, gabapentin, is being taken by millions of patients despite little or no evidence that it can ...

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