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Big mammals at higher risk of extinction in worlds poorest ...

The threat species face in poorer countries may be down to a boom in bushmeat trade and a lack of resources for conservation. In order to protect ...

bushmeat 2020-09-14 www.sciencedaily.com


Did Pangolin Trafficking Cause the Coronavirus Pandemic?

... gives them a weird ambivalence, endangered and (perhaps) dangerous. ... consumed their catch or sold it into local bush-meat markets.

bushmeat 2020-09-14 www.newyorker.com


Bushmeat Is Now Banned in Malawi Following the Coronavirus Outbreak

Consuming wild animals, like wildebeest, could lead to dangerous infections, like tetanus. The Risk of Disease Across Africa. The Malawi ...

bushmeat 2020-09-14 www.livekindly.co


Bushmeat, explained

Wild animals are reservoirs for pathogens, and people who come in contact with their bodily fluids risk becoming infected with a zoonotic disease ...

bushmeat 2020-09-14 www.nationalgeographic.com


Bushmeat may breed deadly bacteria

This practice puts even more people at risk for contracting dangerous bacterial diseases." To quantify the risk associated with eating and handling ...

bushmeat 2020-09-14 news.psu.edu


The Congo River Basin: Home of the deepest river in the world

Bushmeat is a good, important source of protein for people throughout the ... Elephants are also at risk from poachers looking to profit from the ...

bushmeat 2020-09-14 www.livescience.com


Banning bushmeat could make it harder to stop future pandemics

How to reduce the danger of bushmeat. Before any working long-term ban can be introduced, enforced and followed in China, theres a lot that ...

bushmeat 2020-09-14 theconversation.com


Bushmeat could cause the next global pandemic

... the bushmeat trade through field and laboratory work, I know there is a very real risk of humans catching animal diseases from contaminated ...

bushmeat 2020-09-14 medicalxpress.com


Cambodias silent wildlife slaughter for bushmeat risks zoonotic crossovers

The report also documents bushmeat markets in Lao PDR and Vietnam, where, including Cambodia, an estimated 12.3 million snares are laid ...

bushmeat 2020-09-14 aecnewstoday.com


A genetic map hopes to trace rescued chimps back to their ...

Theres the bushmeat trade, so people hunt and eat apes. ... Frandsen says they dont yet have enough data to identify these high-risk areas.

bushmeat 2020-09-14 news.mongabay.com

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