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Project Fear Becomes Project Reality: Whither Brexit ...

The Navy may be called on to protect British waters from European fishermen ... pro-Brexit, European Research Group (ERG) of MPs and the Leave voters ... while the EU is unlikely to want to sign a deal that would require it to ...

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Free Trade Agreement Between UK and EU is Unlikely and Thats a Good Thing, UKIP Leader Believes

Britain has been urged to leave the EU without a free trade deal after negotiations ... unlikely, but UKIPs position has been that thats what we want. ... They will do whatever it is in their interest to do, and its not remotely out of ...

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The clock is running out on unlikely post-Brexit EU trade deal

The UKs negotiating tactics appear to be tabling documents that go nowhere, ... the 40 EU free trade agreements that exist before we leave the EU so ... as the Government do not to know what it wanted from negotiations and ...

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Remainer Ash Sarkar told Brexiteers dont have care in world about no deal in fiery row

... no deal Brexit as the possibility of the UK leaving the European Union without ... are some serious questions that we need to ask of their competence. ... Mr Parry replied: I agree but the point is how long do we go on with Mr ...

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Leave-voting Cornwall demands ?700m in post-Brexit funds

Cornwall one of the poorest parts of the UK has been among the biggest recipients ... will not miss out on any money as a result of the UK leaving the EU. ... the equivalent of what Cornwall would have received from the EU and as the ... We want to have the funding in a single pot that will be managed by ...

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RSPCA poll reveals 75% want ban on lower welfare standard ...

It comes as a poll revealed that 75% of adults in England want the government to ... in trade agreements with other countries after leaving the EU. ... could end up on our supermarket shelves if the UK government does not act ...

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Navy MUST police British waters post Brexit and impound illegal EU vessels COMMENT

Navy MUST police British waters post Brexit and impound illegal EU vessels COMMENT ... trawlers should have unrestricted access to British territorial waters. ... If we want to stop French boats from plundering our fish, we will need ... campaign by Fishing for Leave, and the support of this newspaper.

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Why local Tory MPs should back Labours plan to save Yorkshires fishing jobs: Luke Pollard

Why local Tory MPs should back Labours plan to save Yorkshires fishing ... them, especially as we leave the EU without a plan in place yet for fishing. ... I want to see a coastal renaissance and fishing needs to be central to this. ... Ministers have the power right now to require fish caught under a UK quota ...

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Deadline looms for signing of UK-EAC Brexit trade pact

Opponents of the timetable, like Uganda, want talks to continue until ... Britain, which voted to exit the EU in 2016, formally left the bloc in January this year. ... the talks would happen within the confines of the EAC integration.

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What Do the Germans Make of the UK?

It is, of course, the decision to leave the EU which provokes this ... because these are areas of EU activity which the UK wants to escape from, ...

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