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Belfast survivor hails new Stroke Association mental health service with helping her get over her fears

A Belfast woman has told how a new Stroke Association mental ... 2018 after her right side went numb and she had trouble speaking. ... I just couldnt get the fear of having a third stroke out of my head. ... Ive not long finished my six sessions of counselling and Im feeling a good deal more positive now..

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How Rutgers most successful sports program is coping with the Big Ten shutdown

It was a numb feeling, said junior back/midfielder Shea Holland, a ... the student-athletes and staff, head coach Mike ONeill said, a sentiment ...

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Long after a Covid-19 infection, mental and neurological ...

Hes back driving part-time for a food-delivery service, and he jokes that being ... So I feel extremely lucky, you know, just making it through. ... One cant do simple math calculations in her head any more. ... As in the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis, this can cause weakness, numbness, and tingling.

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2020 BMW X6 XDrive30d review

The car will tug you back into your lane if it senses youre veering out without ... across new cars later this year), a head-up display, DAB digital radio, a ... Although, the whole thing made me feel very conspicuous in public car parks at night. ... Its sort of like trying to dance but when all your limbs are numb.

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JM De Guzman opens up on dealing with his panic disorder

The actor shared a video of him placing a towel on his head and face after ... This is what my panic disorder looks like [4 a.m. in the] middle of a good ... I use ice to slow down the [heartbeat] and to feel my face because my body is numb, ... Back in November 2015, he said in a now-deleted Instagram post ...

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I tested positive for Covid-19 in March, and Im still horribly sick

Something is scraping the wrinkles in my brain as if a mini person is ... Different parts of my body are sporadically going numb. ... You fall ill, feel bad, and then gradually improve before you recover. ... I joined the Long-Haul Covid Facebook group three weeks after I tested positive for the virus back in March.

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Soundvoyager is still a wonderful trip

In a darkened room, lie back with the headphones on and the tiny shape of ... but Soundvoyager seems to understand that the brain is this huge numb ... I really do feel like I can use the triggers on a GBA Micro to move a little ...

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The guru who got Adele back on track: Glennon Doyle is a top self-help author adored by the stars

The guru who got Adele back on track: Glennon Doyle was a drug user, ... It was, she promised her followers, a book that will shake your brain and make your ... constantly on her beauty, at ten she started feeling uncomfortable in her skin, ... The author, meanwhile, used alcohol as well as food to numb her ...

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Jets Little not sure if hell play again

The whole left side of my head was pretty numb and throbbing and in pain. ... Until I am told theres not a lot of huge risk in coming back, its just ... He says hes been feeling pretty normal for the last few months, actually.

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Cadillac teen, family talk about struggles of living with Chiari

It was a fall and the resulting concession from it that changed how the ... She hit her elbow and chin and her whole left side of her face was numb. ... You want to make them feel better. ... The surgery lasted about 3.5 hours and they removed a part of the back of her skull as well as part of her C1 vertebrae.

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