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A Letter to My WWE Family | By Renee Young

Stephanie is that rare kind of person who just cares too much to ever go ... Its impossible for me to even do the math on, without factoring in the ...

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Letter: An uncaring president

I walk Amber five times a day, an aging husky with an aging man. She has a ... I know she cares about me. Does she even know she will die

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My cats gave me the courage to leave my abusive partner

Like theyve got a noose around their neck, and no one cares. ... Im the sort of person that would stand in front and say, "Hurt me instead.".

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RNC 2020: An ex-GOP operative on why the party should be burned to the ground

Well, I wouldve said back in the Dark Ages, like four years ago, that 90 ... No one can tell me that if these Republicans had been in power in 1775, ... I think theyre just interested in power and dont care about anything else.

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Finding love and service in pickles and an ironing board

It makes me feel good knowing that cooking for others makes them happy. ... activity that provides a basic human service for people I care about and love. ... No one ever compliments you on your ironing skills. ... It does to me.

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Letters: Thom Brennaman shouldnt be fired or defined by slur

23): Im not that worried about it. Oh, dont get me wrong, I hate any and all forms of discrimination. But everyone, literally everyone, has skeletons in their closet. Some of those skeletons would be something exactly like this. ... No one. But should we let this define what Thom Brennaman means to us

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New Orleans Saints running back Ty Montgomery driven by ...

It does not matter who I am playing for, it does not matter where Im at. ... Well see whats in store for me tomorrow, but Im just confident in my abilities regardless. That said, it should surprise no one that Montgomery has welcomed the defensive ... Its what we care about, its what were trying to do, so.

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Why our Jesuit High School is returning to in-person learning ...

The details, challenges and problems to solve wash over me like a torrent of successive waves. They keep coming, with no sustained rest or recovery between them. ... And what if our school does not open for in-person learning ... In Jesuit parlance, "cura personalis," the care of the person, is a sacred ...

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Your Illinois News Radar *** UPDATED x1 *** Question of the day

No one feels more strongly than AFSCME members in IDES about the ... are having problems with the system makes me think the offices would be ... We all certainly care about the health and safety of IDES employees, just ...

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What am I missing thanks to coronavirus? Crowds, smiling at strangers and a government that cares

What difference does it make No one seems to be in charge of anything. Schools will open and thats all fine apparently which is funny, ...

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