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Elephants Can 'Catch' Yawns From Their Favourite Humans

The exact cause of contagious yawning - the involuntarily response triggered when we see another person yawn - is unknown, but the phenomenon ... humans handlers, with the gentle giants yawning when their human handlers do. ... Anyone else a little emotional - and yawny - after watching this footage?

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Watch: Baby Wildcat Yawning After its Mother in Adorable Video Shows That it is Infectious

Watch: Baby Wildcat Yawning After its Mother in Adorable Video Shows ... when screaming for food does make them even more pokemon-like, though. ... yawning in response to seeing someone else yawning is also a sign of ...

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Climate change policy: How to do clean energy innovation right

We have to accelerate clean energy innovation to curb the climate crisis. ... The single most important thing that the United States can do to advance ... despite the fact that the IPCC (and everyone else) expects renewable energy to ... As a result, CGEP writes, a yawning valley of death can swallow firms ...

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Yawning: Why is it so contagious and why should it matter?

Even if we aren't tired, why do we yawn if someone else does? Experts have published research that suggests the human propensity for ...

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Mads World: Babysitting at the Tour de France

... having fun at the Tour de France, and even though I'm yawning right now it's ... With Bauke Mollema now sadly out because of his crash we're fully ... On a mountain day, there's not much else for me to do, because if I'm not ...

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Why are yawns contagious? We asked a scientist

The likelihood of yawning increases sixfold, according to one study, after seeing someone else yawn. As for yawn contagion, Giordano said it ...

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Republicans problems with young voters go far deeper than Trump

Not only do these voters make up about a 20-year-long bloc of ... One overarching fallacy contributes more than anything else to the GOP's ... but also a yawning gap between the GOP's positions and attitudes and what young people want. AD ... DHS whistleblower's charges could be worse than we thought.

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The price of inequality? Lost annual income of $42,000 for typical worker, study finds

... impact on U.S. households from yawning income inequality, which has lifted the fortunes ... (one person receives all the wealth, and everyone else gets nothing.) ... 'As someone who spent his life representing low-wage workers, even I ... Privacy Policy CA Privacy/Info We Collect CA Do Not Sell My Info ...

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Why Is Yawning So Contagious?

Does looking at an image of a person yawning make you yawn? About half of adults yawn after someone else yawns due to a universal ... less likely to have contagious yawns, we might see that variant or variants of the same ...

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The 'The Devil All The Time' Director Explains The Film's Conflicted Ending

... the chance for something else and you have to kind of pick your own version of it. ... in troops for the Vietnam War, before yawning and starting to fall asleep. ... It's a conflicted conclusion to the film, where we feel confused why he would ... Please understand that if you do not consent or later withdraw your ...

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