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Psychology of politics: why do we take politics so personal?

Why do we get so passionate about our polticial views? We are just so polarized as a society, said Ashley Milspaw. Milspaw is a psychologist.

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Mayor Breed: Worship is a matter of compassion for the needs of all, not simply a matter of rights.

When Catholics serve in the many ways we do, we serve all our neighbors ... Once I take Communion, then I'm like the Energizer Bunny.

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Healing from a Broken Heart(s) ... hope | Opinions | capjournal ...

I have seen hearts shaken in fear by a virus we know nothing about ... hearts break in sadness ... What can faith do in such terrible times as these? ... When I take communion or remember my baptism I have full confidence that ...

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How to bring your children to Christ (pt. 1)

She informed him, You can't take communion until you have Jesus in your ... We do want our children to be able to stand on their own two feet.

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Make the Mass the Center of Your Day, and Thank God for the ...

Take to heart the commandment to keep holy the Lord's Day. ... namely lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers and ushers, should all arrive ... Do we saunter in late to the basketball or soccer game?

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Services and Sermons (for Aug. 29)

Communion supplies will be available. calvarylutheran.com. ... The Rev. Cindi Knox's message is Do We Still Need to Take Up Our Crosses?

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The complicated reality of Catholic bishops on Twitter

They represent communion within the local church and they ... kept pace, nor do we have clear guidance about how to process this information, ... and take the time to learn, reflect and discern what the best course of action is ...

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Canons &. the Candidate

Canon 205 says that to be a good Catholic, in full communion with the ... does not accept the Church's teachings, its sacraments, and its ecclesiastical governance. ... authorized by canon law to do so, and in Biden's case, they have not. ... 37, We have been called to form consciences, not to replace them..

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The Common Theme of 2020: God's Judgment is Upon Us

At what point do we suck it up and realize there are far worse things ... or take communion, and the like, is truly a small fish to fry when we take ...

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Returning to the sacrament of divine love. Published 9/16 ...

In ordinary times that's not the message we want to be emphasizing about ... God loved us so much that he not only humbled himself to take on human ... in Holy Communion, Jesus even more desires to give himself to us.

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