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Some but not all US metro areas could grow all needed food ...

A modeling study estimates the distance within which metro centers could ... food supply could be localized based on population, geography, and diet. ... Imagine, if we cut back to fewer than two and a half ounces per day by ...

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Loss of taste in COVID-19 is highly variable by geographic region

Circle size is proportional to study population. Variability in Prevalence of Ageusia. A new study by Nicola Cirillo of the University of Melbourne ...

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Some American cities could grow all their food locally, study finds

The analysis, which looked at how population, geography and diet would impact the localization of the American food supply, showed most ...

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Study finds that high levels of a growth factor increases risk for several cancers

This new study, published today in Cancer Research, is the largest and ... It was carried out as a collaboration between the Nuffield Department of Population Health, ... including age, sex, geographical region, ethnicity, physical activity, ... 'In this new study, we expanded the range of cancers investigated to ...

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Study looking into Hastings and Rothers low Covid-19 infection rates

Study looking into Hastings and Rother's low Covid-19 infection rates ... the impact of coronavirus on deprived populations, in that we would expect the ... action by Hastings Borough Council and the town's unique geography.

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Why we dont really know how many lions live in Africa

Lions have experienced a shocking decline. that much is clear. ... And in the past quarter century alone, their population has declined by about half. ... animals, says Braczkowski, who's also a National Geographic Explorer. ... a vehicle or using camera trapsand study their faces for distinctive markings.

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Apollo-Ridge teacher wins state award for teaching real-world ...

I am very humbled and very surprised to be nominated let alone win the award, Johns said. ... Johns, 39, concentrated in geography while an undergraduate at the ... She brought in professors to lecture on big ideas within the study of Human Geography, which examines how the world population has ...

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FSU communication, engineering researchers awarded grant ...

For this project, we're trying to see if there is a way to strengthen those ... with a specific focus on underserved and disadvantaged segments of the population. ... Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Ozguven studies ... Disaster resilience has to be multidisciplinary and we need to study it from ...

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How Mass Incarceration Was Built in the United States And ...

We need to study the economic origins of this mass incarceration system in ... sevenfold increase in the US prison population from 1970 to 2008. ... fact of how social policy is organized on a geographical basis in the United ...

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Poverty linked to higher death rates from heart failure

A new study suggests that the risk of dying from the condition is not spread ... we can thoughtfully create solutions to better serve these populations. ... for 57% of the geographical variation in deaths from heart failure among ...

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