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The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Changing Our Dreams

COVID-19 has altered our dream worlds, too: how much we dream, how many of our ... Kelly Bulkeley, a psychologist of religion and director of the Sleep and Dream ... The survey information considered in this article does not delve into ...

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How to Take Control of Your Crazy 2020 Dreams

To that end: we recently spoke to a panel of sleep experts, professors ... Dream work does require a level of commitment you have to have ...

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More restless nights and vivid nightmares during pandemic ...

How does this stress and disruption manifest itself while we sleep? Do we ... I've heard a lot of people are having vivid nightmares or dreams.

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New Insights Into Dreams and What They Say About Us

By using automated techniques to study these reports, we can ... Psychologist Kelly Bulkeley, director of the online Sleep and Dream Database ...

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Catching your dreams: beds that rock you to sleep

In the 80s we sloshed and sploshed the night away on water beds. ... which soothed you to sleep in your tender years the dream catcher bed suspends all ... The idea of a dreamcatcher bed does, originally, go back to the ...

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COVID-19 Dreams, Synchronicity and Visitors from Another ...

COVID-19 Dreams, Synchronicity and Visitors from Another Solar System ... without a maskhave been disturbing the sleep of people around the world. ... Now we know the virus spreads through the air, often from people who don't have ... as well as other interventions and policies, can and do improve the health of babies ...

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The strange and vivid dreams of COVID-19 - TMC News

The dreams we're having are also laden with fear and anxietyand ... our sleeping minds are doing precisely what they were designed to do, ...

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Can't sleep? How THIS brand new podcast could help you to drop off with ease

And thanks to a new podcast, The Sleep Lab, we can get one step closer to ... After suffering from terrifying sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming as a child, Alex ... Why do you think your sleep blog is so appealing to so many?

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Opinion: The California Dream, A Catastrophic Wake-Up Call

... of their cars or sleep on the streets of California's great, glittering cities. ... When we spoke this week, he and Susan had just moved to Washington state. ... 'Where do we run to?' Steve asked. 'We're running out of places.

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Why Do Politicians Need to Say 'I Approve This Message' in ...

Why Do Politicians Need to Say 'I Approve This Message' in Their Ads? ... While we can't know for certain whether dogs dream, we do know they experience ... In REM sleep, dogs may react to their dreams by moving their legs, whimpering, ...

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