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We need to teach children that color doesn't matter

Seeing the damage that Black Lives Matter is doing to the country, I ... What is this going to do to future generations for children to see this?

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In Philly, Black clergy warn voters of color will face challenges casting their ballots in November

In 2008 and 2012, I could see people physically, Collier said referring to the years President Barack Obama was on the ballot. With the ...

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Illinois Legislative Black Caucus calls for racial equity in ...

SPRINGFIELD The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus continued to set the stage ... said Black Caucus members would like to take the whole session to ... when the rubber hits the road we'll see exactly where they are, he ... She was last seen wearing jeans, a light colored sweater, and white tennis shoes.

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Black Americans are still dying of cancer at the highest rates

We have without a doubt been doing better with treating cancer as a whole, but we still see significant differences in certain types of cancer and still struggle ... rates of cancer deaths in communities of color, according to the AACR report. ... and 10 percent of Black Americans do not have health insurance.

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Microsoft reportedly launching Surface Pro X 2 in fall with new chip and color variant

Microsoft launched the Surface Pro X in black last year, with a black Type Cover. It's likely we'll see a variety of Type Cover colors for this new Surface ... the Pro X. The processor alone could help improve the performance of ...

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Half Of PA Schools Still Don't Have A Single Teacher Of Color ...

Half Of PA Schools Still Don't Have A Single Teacher Of Color, Black ... It's really important for Black and brown children to see themselves ... I really did not get a lot of time with that person, Cantanch-Bradley recalls.

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How Racism Intersects With Public Health and Covid | At the Smithsonian

It could scarcely be otherwise, since it is to history that we owe our frames of ... violence have disproportionately impacted Black, Indigenous and People of Color ... We see this in the ways policing further exacerbates the ...

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UMD Black Male Athletes Rally Hundreds to March Against ...

UMD Black Male Athletes Rally Hundreds to March Against Police Brutality, ... you and that's really because you're a person of color, Thomas said. ... I am not a threat, they are not a threat, said McLin, the faculty in charge of BMSE. ... and I see how a lot of people are showing up and they understand ...

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For Many Teachers, Black Lives Only Matter Conditionally

When I was first assigned to teach U.S. history nearly a decade ago during my ... the experiences of people of color?,' 13 percent of educators of color ... I scanned it to see if I could find positive images of Black people or even ...

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What Has and Hasn't Changed Since Dear White Boss

As a result, what we see and hear from Black America is that WE ARE NOT OKAY. ... So, what can organizations do to accelerate their efforts to drive greater ... At these levels, women and people of color are systematically ...

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