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Not Always as Happy as a Clam: The Cultural Clashes ...

Not Always as Happy as a Clam: The Cultural Clashes Underpinning Long Island's ... I spoke with Gregg Rivara, a Cornell Cooperative Extension's ... Backed by the Dongan Patent, they have enjoyed (some would say ...

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8 Years with a Tesla Model 3 (at 15k/yr, at least)

So how did I get so many miles built up so quickly? I was ... but I'm going to say it's probably in the 7% range at 120k, with a boatload of ... I can't tell if it is truly faster or has more range but I'm still happy as a clam with both!

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Tom Colicchio Hopes (and Fears) COVID-19 Will Change the ...

Tom Colicchio: In a million years, I would have never thought I'd be on TV. In fact, I was the kid who, if I got called up in front of the class, was not happy to ... do with their children, but it stuck with me, and I remembered him saying that. ... and sometimes fish and some clams and stuff, and that summer meal ...

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Chickie Aggelakis, who made Ipswichs Clam Box a regional institution, dies at 70

Devoted customers of the Clam Box in Ipswich often waited in line an ... I'm really a hands-on owner, she told the Salem News a decade ago.

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Tropics Cranking Out Storms Like We've Never Seen, Days of ...

Tropics Cranking Out Storms Like We've Never Seen, Days of Swell on ... There's a group today that champions a certain candidate that is happy take up this nickname. ... The wind was just about perfect, and I would say the size actually ... WHAT'S HAPPENING: The Jetty Clam Jam was postponed from its ...

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I made Kylo Ren my BFF and got mind-tricked by Rey in The Sims 4 Star Wars Pack

I joined up and asked how I could help. ... I'm strutting around the joint, happy as a clam. I'd be more troubled by ... Not even Luke can say that.

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Love Oysters? Show Some Love for Our Local Oystermen

One of the benefits of living at the Jersey Shore is that we get to eat sea food ... the waters and shorelines, showing their fondness for clams and oysters. We ... They say it's restaurateurs like David who are keeping the industry ... Most of Chef Burke's restaurants feature oysters on the Happy Hour menu, too!

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Hanging Tree Guitars: Made Out Of A Tree Once Used For A ...

'The more you scraped it off, the more you could see the design in there,' ... but he clams up when pressed on the one behind the hanging tree. ... 'I tried to not let folks know really how happy I was cause then they'd say, 'he's ...

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Ask Amy: Pandemic behavior creates feather-ruffling

She made a snide comment about, 'Or do you not want me in your car, either ... She just clams up. ... What can I say in a nice way to help her understand? ... I get the sense you are not happy with me and I'd like to talk about it.

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Welcome to the September slog - POLITICO

The dinners will also include clam chowder and an almond frosted ... for 20 years, I would have said, 'I would have died and gone to heaven. ... HAPPY MONDAY! ... When asked last year, Graham did say Trump should release his tax returns, but the staunch Trump supporter has not pushed the issue since.

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