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5 ways urbanization is changing agriculture in Africa

If you want small farmers to have access to urban markets, you need efficient market structures and good management systems, he said.

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How Eastern Bloc Architects Shaped Cities Across the Third ...

Against the backdrop of the urbanization processes in Accra, Lagos, Baghdad, Abu ... urbanization processes around the world and continues to do so today. ... You need people to operate it, building materials, roads, trains, ...

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COVID?19 crisis and urbanization, migration and inclusive city ...

The migrants?urban poor do not need charity. ... Although we can directly relate urbanization and migration to the growing development ...

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Megacities Are Not the Future. They Are Inhumane and Unsustainable

In growing economies, mass urbanization will remain the focus, as it is still seen as ... they do not have the choice of the privileged work-from-home crowd. ... Countries probably don't need the extreme urbanization we've seen ...

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Urban experts discuss city wellbeing post-Covid-19

The novel coronavirus has changed the way we live in cities. ... the ongoing Wellbeing Cities Forum where urbanisation experts from more than ... Urban leaders need to take an active role by placing wellbeing at the heart of ...

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More than 90 percent of protected areas are disconnected

Ongoing land clearing for agriculture, mining and urbanisation is isolating and ... 'We need national and global conservation goals that address ...

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5 design things to do Sept 14 - 20

For nearly a decade, artist and writer Julia Christensen has investigated the phenomenon of upgrade culture - the notion that we need to ...

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AGRF 2020 Concludes with Call for Greater Focus on Urban ...

The quality of that urbanization depends, in large part, on ensuring solid linkages ... We will need better collaboration on fiscal space, and we need to ... AGRF Partners Group, said: We must do more to achieve the vision and ...

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Why Do You Need Stainless Steel Market Intelligence?

It discusses the global factors that have contributed to the urbanization and modernization of the steel industry. You can learn about market ...

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The nuts and bolts of art | CMUnow

'I believe that everybody's profession is a form of art,' said Nichols. 'I couldn't do what they do, and they probably wouldn't want to do what I do.

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