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James, Peters split on health care at campaign forum

'We going to need to do more. But we need to do that together. ... science-based, tax reform, regulatory reform, tort reform' to create growth and ...

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Larry Obhof: Signing of tort reform bill a step forward for Ohio ...

Larry Obhof: Signing of tort reform bill a step forward for Ohio ... the piece of mind they need to reopen as we work together to rebuild Ohio's economy. ... When House Bill 606 is enacted, businesses will not be liable for claims ...

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Governor says he's open to tort reform compromise

I happen to believe that it is possible to have a compromise on that bill without having some of the provisions that are most disagreeable to some ...

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Senate to debate tort reform, coastal oil lawsuits

The full Senate is scheduled to tackle two major bills Monday, one being tort reform and the other revoking local governments' ability to sue oil ...

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Trucking Picks Up Some Wins in Nuclear Verdict Battles

The trucking industry is making gains in its fight against the plaintiffs ... It's an all-out assault against the industry, and we need to be in a position to fight back. ... In Louisiana, the Omnibus Tort Reform bill ended the state law ...

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O'Laughlin calls for immediate address of COVID liability ...

While she doesn't generally work on tort reform issues, she would be willing to champion the ... You don't care if we get sick or if we die' which is not true. ... You need a leader who truly understands that it's not a hoax.

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DTCI: COVID-19 Immunity But Not the Immunity You're ...

The continued push for tort reform remains alive and well today. ... and in the good faith belief that the individual being treated is in need of ...

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DeSantis' appointee to Florida Supreme Court belongs to Christian group using law to 'spread the Gospel'

Ron DeSantis to the Florida Supreme Court, is an anti-abortion defender ... Florida Justice Reform Institute, an organization that advocates for tort reform. ... The church's web site reads: We encourage lifelong commitments to ...

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Bill would establish minimum requirements for suing businesses over coronavirus exposure

Cary Silverman, a representative of the American Tort Reform ... What we're saying is that Purell can be subject to product liability, but some ...

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U.S. Congressional candidate Herrell visits Columbus and Deming, NM

This is a promise made promise kept by the President Donald Trump. ... We need to open our economy safely and the decision should be made by our ... on a regional level when it comes to tort reform, education and taxes.

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