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Scientists use big data to sway elections and predict riots ...

Jill Lepore is professor of American history at Harvard University in ... The IBM 704 was billed as the first mass-produced computer capable of doing ... asked: If Automation takes over your job who will you want in the White House? ... I am not going to predict rioting here, Martin Luther King Jr told the ...

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UK Physics, Engineering Team Uses AI to Study Galaxy Clusters

There are two milestones in the history of modern astronomy, Su said. ... We can understand the physics behind astronomical phenomena with their ... at the Department of Computer Science in the UK College of Engineering to find ... Galaxies in our universe do not distribute uniformly in space, Su said.

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Collect Data, Influence Votes: 'If Then' Traces The Genesis Of ...

Like, do we need to write a computer program to predict what the effect would ... Jill Lepore is the David Woods Kemper '41 Professor of History at Harvard ... so someone who's really interested in the study of human behavior.

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Participate in paid research at CU Boulder | CU Boulder Today

We want to understand your experience as a first-year student at CU during the COVID-19 pandemic. ... visits, which includes an interview about life experiences, a set of computer games, and a neuroimaging scan. ... To be eligible for this study, you must: ... Have a history of bipolar disorder or depression?

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Criticized meteorologists defend the forecasting of Hurricane Sally

Computer models aren't going to be perfect because we cannot model ... We may criticize the imperfect nature of forecasting, but we may also have to ask, do we ... Given this region's hurricane history, you don't need fancy ...

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History of the American Electronic Music Industry

There are many people who know a little bit about the history of the ... You need to understand what the industry's roots are, and what it has ...

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Meet the Computer Scientist Who Helped Push for ...

'You need paper as a check on the computers.' ... the Internet voting study task force convened by then-President Bill Clinton. ... 'Instead, each time I set a new goal, I could say to myself that even if I fail, I'm already ahead of the game. ... totally written out of history,' she says, pointing to women such as the ...

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Scientists raid DNA to explore Vikings genetic roots

Now, a sprawling ancient DNA study published today in the journal Nature is revealing the true genetic diversity of the people we call Vikings, ...

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5 on Education: A school year like no other is underway

A building foyer is home to an honor's world history lesson one day. Students take study breaks under tents set up outside. ... 'We are trying to walk the fine line between, how do we keep students and staff safe, but ... 'They want someone to come in for the full school day, maybe two or three or four days a ...

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The future is cyborg: Kaspersky study finds support for human augmentation

The future is cyborg: Kaspersky study finds support for human augmentation ... but we need commonly agreed standards to ensure augmentation reaches ... a coin-sized computer chip in its brain for two months, showing off an early ... The survey showed the majority of people felt that only the rich would be ...

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