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Opinion | We need to vote this November to save our ...

We need to vote this November to save our environment ... Not only do these environmental disasters threaten the American way of ... The president has the power to mitigate the climate crisis and environmental catastrophe.

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Why industry needs a reset and how to do it

Since we began our decarbonization journey in 2007, we have identified over 160 energy saving projects by focusing on 27 factories in 11 ...

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Jim Merritt: Here's why Indiana's job growth depends on clean energy

We've encouraged businesses to move to Indiana on the promise that ... jobs, an energy strategy that prioritizes energy affordability is a necessity. ... Duke Energy consumers in Indiana could save an estimated $400 million by ...

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Tesla is building new massive Supercharger, could become worlds largest

I assume Tesla semi can do a similar thing, this can save additional 50% charging time. I think the limits are going to be on the battery side and ...

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If you're in your 40s, it's time to put together a strategy to rescue your retirement

On the minus side, saving what you'll need may be a bit more challenging than it was when you were younger. The reason is the power of compound interest, says Elijah Kovar, ... Figure out a way to get the savings rate up, and do it quickly, ... I want to make sure my mom has the best retirement ever..

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OPINION: Creating equal access to energy efficiency crucial for cities like Fall River

We need to use this moment of crisis to take a hard look at the ... A recent study found that economic hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic could force as ... program plays a vital role in helping energy consumers save money ...

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How Trump Appointees Short-Circuited Grid Modernization

Should power companies simply rebuild these electrical stitches, or ... I never got a message from anybody saying 'Please do a study that ...

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Solar power on the rise at US schools

'We want to bring solar to the heart of communitieswhich is schools.' ... they can do this as a way to save money and they don't necessarily ...

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The Political Economy of Saving the Planet

In support of that end, we must seriously consider how to best maximize both ... They could also save energy and reduce emissions quickly and ...

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Hurricane Sally heads toward Central Alabama with heavy ...

We pray that Sally doesn't do any harm, but we must be prepared just ... To do this: put it in power-save or airplane mode, delete apps or turn off ...

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