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Transforming water management in the US West with NASA ...

Evapotranspiration is the process by which water is transferred from the land to ... 'It will help landowners and water managers in the Bay-Delta save millions ... 'The importance of careful, data-driven water management in the Delta ... 'OpenET will provide the data we need to address the challenge of water ...

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The drought's not going away, and area water utilities are asking for your help

Some Iowa cities and towns are warning residents to conserve water with the ... 'We had a really good response and our usage has come down ... but with the ... carefully and is urging residents to water lawns only as needed.

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Drought concerns continue to mount | Local News

... with officials urging residents to practice conservation and to carefully use ... It's really important to get the word out that there is need to conserve due to the moderate or extreme drought depending on where you are in the state. People need to think of how they are using their water because once your ...

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Risk of Colorado River shortage is on the rise, could hit within 5 years, officials say

We have greater uncertainty than we did last year, Reclamation ... That extra conservation, she said, helped boost the water level in Lake Mead ... to consider their uses of the Colorado River, and to carefully consider how to ...

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A wildfire evacuee returned to her Oregon home to find her barn destroyed but her animals alive

'The barn is, well its back there, you can see just that pile of white stuff. ... He added that they will always respond to 911 calls but need to be careful with ... Every drop is needed for our firefighters in order to use the water to save ... Bush said, but people should think about conserving water and opt not to do ...

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The Fight for Low-Income Housing Has a New Complication ...

'As the world gets hotter and hotter, saving water is increasingly ... 'The consequences may be unintended, but we really need to be careful.'.

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Many Sanpete communities issue water restrictions | The ...

Hot, dry conditions have forced many other cities in the Sanpete Valley to follow issue water restrictions, or at the very least, encourage conservation. ... We do ask to be careful with water and be as conscientious as possible, ...

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: Sally's slow pace across Panhandle is 'life threatening'

Ron DeSantis: Sally's slow pace across Panhandle is 'life threatening' ... 'When you are looking at water of this nature, people should be very, very careful,' said DeSantis. ... Efforts by the DEM, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the National Guard are complicated by the storm ...

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Meet The National Park Service's New Head She's A West ...

Patterson: So, you have a long history working in conservation and natural ... so carefully with the CDC guidance, we know that outdoor spaces are much ... the Land and Water Conservation Act. This is incredibly important.

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ADPH urges residents to follow safety precautions following Sally

If you must use an alternative source of fuel or electricity, be sure to ... If injury occurs, apply direct pressure over site(s) of heavy bleeding. this act may save lives. ... Avoid driving through standing water if downed power lines are in ... If mold growth has already occurred, carefully remove the moldy material.

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