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Choosing the right dog for your family

Dogs need exercise, socialization with other animals and people, ... Do we have the necessary time for training, exercise, bonding, and ...

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Miranda Resident Saves Dog and Helps Deputies Find ...

I will go to sleep tonight knowing I saved his dog from any further ... with him it was easy for him to let go and have others do the deed for him.

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Top Dog: An Oral History of Wishbone

And at one point, we were going to have a bulldog that lived in New Orleans. ... I looked over at Betty and Rick and said, Okay, can we do the ...

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Why Do Dogs Have Tails?

Why do dogs have tails and we don't? Why are dogs thumbs so high on their paw? Why don't dogs sweat? Why do dogs roll in the grass? Why ...

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Arlington officer who shot, killed woman as he aimed at dog indicted by grand jury

Arlington officer who shot, killed woman as he aimed at dog indicted by grand jury ... 'We want to push this case as far as we need to, to challenge ... in situations that do not call for use of force,' the statement read in part.

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Visiting Vet: Annual Labor Day awards

Blue ribbons to all the folks whose dogs ate marijuana, but who steadfastly ... And if it's not yours, do you have teenagers or young adult children? ... Isn't it wonderful we have a common bond in our love for our animals?

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The Dog-Crate Prison Break

I was a rule follower for sure, she says with a sweet Kansan lilt. Then she catches ... Toby decided that's what she wanted to do: start a prison dog program. ... But she told him he'd have to get approved by the prison, just like everybody else.

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10 ways to reduce your dog's 'pawprint' | A New Shade of Green | Sherry Listgarten

The sheer number of dogs we have in the U.S. has led a few researchers to ... Where do Palo Alto City Council candidates stand on climate?

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Collapsing inmates, cold hot dogs and one nurse: quarantine in a Virginia prison

We finally got some turkey and cooked hot dogs. ... Her response did suggest the department agrees that it needs more medical staff to ...

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Cats, dogs and dead people | Local | messagemedia.co

We have curbside voting for those who do not want to enter the building. And there is always the option for absentee ballot voting prior to ...

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