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Letters to the Editor: Sept. 3

I do feel, overall, Canada and particularly Ontario have done an ... With 20/20 hindsight, we can all be experts, but we need to understand these people are ... Although some are creators and others decomposers, I will ...

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Pack it in, pack it out: How to love nature responsibly

I am so glad to see an increased visitation to our properties. ... Microbes, fungi and insects are fantastic decomposers. ... Or, they could build an unhealthy reliance on food that doesn't require them to forage and is not within ...

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Word from the Smokies: The tiny beetle who acts as janitor and farmer to our forests

Dung beetles play a vital role in their ecosystem as decomposers, said DLiA's Director of Science and Research, Will Kuhn. Without them, we would literally be in deep doo doo! Every year ... Want to learn more? Watch a ...

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Commentary: Should you leave your leaves? - Delaware State ...

It's a question we often hear after we've planted a new garden, especially in the fall: What should I do about leaves that fall on the plants? ... worms, snails, spiders, and microscopic decomposers like fungi and bacteria.

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Jumping worms? Anglers must be careful not to spread invasive species

You just have to make sure you are not violating fish and game laws ... Unlike long-naturalized earthworms, these overactive decomposers ...

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Nature News: You can smell spring on a walk in the woods

Detritivores technically aren't decomposers, but they do perform a ... mold poem but what do I know, it means nothing, you need a degree to ...

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Studies shed new light on how biodiversity influences plant ...

'We also found that plant diversity accelerated the release of nitrogen, ... future studies, which would ideally integrate responses from decomposers for ... 'But they also show that these strategies must take human activities into ...

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More than decomposers: fungi influence the recovery of ...

We bake with fungi (yeast) and use certain species to ferment our beverages. Fungi are extremely important in the environment, as they break ...

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Lions, Tigers... and Jumping Worms?! -

Invasive jumping worms are a creepy crawly creature coming our way ... and compost these voracious decomposers damage soil structure, ...

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5 vital roles insects play in our ecosystem

Dung beetles feed on and help decompose the dung of grazers. Dung beetle. (Canthon imitator). DECOMPOSERS. Waste-eating insects unlock ...

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