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Delray Beach girl battling cancer, needs bone marrow donation

After a year of treatment, we celebrated and hoped it was the end of this nightmare. God had another plan for us.'.

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12-Year-Old Boy Cured of Sickle Cell Disease After Stem Cell Transplant: 'I Started Crying'

None of his sickle cell bone marrow survived, which is what we want. ... transplant, it was because we knew that without it he would need chronic blood ... 'He couldn't do that before because the cold water would cause a pain ...

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Indiana Boy, 10, Is Fighting Leukemia for Second Time, Needs Life-Saving Bone Marrow Transplant

I just don't settle,' Juanita Perkins says of her son, Brian, who ... 'When I found the chances of finding a donor, it was like, 'Okay, I need to do something. ... RELATED: 1-Year-Old Girl Needs Bone Marrow Donation in Fight ...

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Improved Induction Therapies Could Eliminate the Need for ...

There are a lot of reasons I would like to get rid of autologous stem cell ... who achieve MRD [negativity] with induction therapy do not proceed to transplant. ... as we can, and in doing so wipe out vulnerable bone marrow.

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Family of Scots tot fighting rare cancer devastated as bone marrow donors fall through

The three-year-old will only survive if medics can secure a bone marrow transplant. Promoted Stories. The adorable Scots tot desperately needs ...

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Grafton soccer/basketball star Amara Ouattara provides loving assist to sister Yene

Amara prepared for a bone marrow harvest by eating a lot of protein to ... I'll be able to run and do things I really want to do in my life, get jump ...

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6-year-old on waiting list for bone marrow has been affected due to COVID-19

6-year-old on waiting list for bone marrow has been affected due to COVID-19 ... What they need to realize is all you have to do is get on you know the ... You know the last time we ran the registry there were only 3 that ...

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Disabato: A successful bone marrow transplant leaves H-F football coach Craig Buzea grateful and looking for

I kept asking, 'Why do I need to go to the hospital if I'm feeling this good?' Buzea said. The cancer wasn't showing up. But there was less of a ...

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Boy who beat leukaemia twice starts first day at school after bone marrow transplant

'We have seen so many children who have not made it through our journey - ... the cancer had returned - meaning a bone marrow transplant was his only hope. ... 'It is so, so important - if you ever get the chance to donate, please do. ... doesn't require any special modifications to do his job, he just needs to ...

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15-year-old to donate bone marrow to his dad

If I can help him (in) any way, I'm going to do it. Valentin said he did not even know what to say when he found out his son wanted to help. I ...

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