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And that's what you missed: 'Glee' covers that belong on your ...

But even if you aren't a self-proclaimed Gleek, we are here to tell you ... Not only does Santana absolutely kill the vocals, Brittany S. Pierce ...

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6 Reasons Why DC Needs To Make A Super Friends Movie

I have reasons if you're willing to see how I 'shape' my arguments, and ... Also, there's Gleek, but we can stop pretending the monkey was ever ...

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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Who (or What) Is Gleek? | CBR

Now, if you were like most, this tease likely left you scratching your head. So, who is Gleek, and why did the crossover end with this specific ...

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Release your inner Gleek: These 'Glee' memes will have you ...

We just have to accept that as a cultural fact of life now. 8. Why didn't Sue get fired? Jane Lynch did great as Sue Sylvester, ...

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Only a hardcore Gleek could get full marks on this trivia quiz

But how well do you remember the 132 episode, 550 song melodrama that was Glee? Sure, you listen to Don't Stop Believing and Teenage ...

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Glee Star Naya Riveras Body Discovered 7/13 Exactly 7 Years To The Day Co-Star Cory Monteith Was Found Dead

7 years ago today we lost cory and today a body has been found at Lake Piru and confirmed to be ... This breaks my gleek heart to the core.

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Only A True Gleek Will Be Able To Identify These 20 Minor ...

Do You Know Any Of The People That Attended The 2019 Teen Choice Awards? Wanna Know Which 'Glee' Character You Are? Then Spend A ...

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Crisis on Infinite Earths Changes Everything for Arrowverse and Beyond

What we did get was a quick rundown of most of the DC Universe shows, ... We heard you Gleek, and while you were one of the most annoying ...

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What purpose does 'gleeking' serve?

And do you even know what I'm talking about? -- Brian ... Squeezing them forces the saliva out in a spray. we can't gleek again until they refill.

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Arrowverse Boss Has No Plans For When Wonder Twins Will Appear

Not only did it honor what The CW has been doing for the last eight ... But with Gleek comes the famous super-powered twins and the ... I consider the Wonder Twins kind of a jump ball: We'll see what show wants to grab it.'.

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