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Why North Carolina has giant lagoons of pig poop

Finding the best ways to do good. ... The total number slaughtered in a year is even higher, as pigs are typically killed at 6 to 8 months of age. ... Pinkerton are delving into the way the meat we eat affects all of us. And we're starting in episode one by explaining North Carolina's giant lagoons of pig poop, ...

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Adios is one Kansan's dream game about mob-based body ...

We did a cover story at The Pitch about how Kansas City is this sort of ... You looked into it and found out that yes, pigs do eat human bodies if ...

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Vegan Kitchen: A decade on, Melanie Joy's book on carnism ...

'Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to ... of cultural myths allowing us to think eating particular animals is normal, ...

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Pigs Repeatedly Shot in the Head. PETA Seeks Federal ...

Pigs Repeatedly Shot in the Head. PETA Seeks Federal Probe ... do, and that the only way to help prevent them from suffering in slaughterhouses is not to eat them. ... Please let us know what we might do to assist you.

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PORK Perspectives: A Minute with Steve Weiss

Not only do we do nutrition consulting, but we also have the ... A. The significant shift from food service to eating at home won't change quickly ...

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Intense measures underway to stop ASF in Germany

We are only at the beginning of the ASF outbreak. ... The number of pigs kept must be reported to the veterinary office immediately, ... as fever, weakness, unwillingness to eat, movement disorders and breathing problems.

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Soule: My Pig and Your Pets could be at Risk

We used to have more pigs, but we decided it'd be easier to manage two ... Pigs need to eat grain, and where there is grain, there are rodents. We ... The first thing the hot-line operator told me to do was to get Sparkle to vomit.

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Piglet Eats 'Like a Pig' While Blissfully Nibbling on Chard

A piglet gave new meaning to the saying eat like a pig in Red Deer, Alberta, ... They are enjoying chard from the garden we grew this year.

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Local meat markets go hog wild keeping up with demand

We do about 25 different varieties of sausage, home-cured bacon, and we're big ... Pork was not the only meat, however, in demand by consumers. ... staying at home rather than going out to eat and going on vacations out of ...

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Animals at NYC shelters suffer from respiratory disease, eat expired food: audit

They house dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, rats, reptiles and other creatures. ACC takes tremendous pride in the work we do to serve the ...

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