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UNL researchers are tracking movements in cattle to improve beef production

Whether they are grazing, resting or getting a drink of water, University of ... The researchers will also evaluate the impact a cow's milk has on its calf. ... Basically, we can reconstruct their diet, even to the general idea of some ...

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New Middleton plant turns cow manure into drinkable water

(WMTV) - Millions of people drink milk from a cow every day and a new ... By partnering with farmers and industry leaders, we are able to explore new ... from the manure, which can then be stored and used later as fertilizer.

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Which non-dairy milks are worth buying?

Well, it depends on which one we're talking about and in 2020, we have choices. Non-dairy milks can definitely be a healthy alternative to cow's milk, ... really important, you won't drink something you don't like, so choose ...

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Donkey Milk: Benefits, Uses, and Downsides

Fans of donkey milk often drink it for its health benefits, which go beyond ... That can be a plus for anyone who's allergic to cow's milk but may ...

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Letters to the editor, Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020

... that humans can eat their flesh and drink their milk. We do not need to kill smart, sensitive animals like Buddy when we can thrive on healthy, ...

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Why you need to switch to oat milk

However, the difference between this wonder milk and cow's milk is ... Many will argue that there's no point in changing seemingly small preferences like the milk they drink because there ... So, we've got to start small, as small as a glass of milk. ... Max Schwartz can be reached at mschwartz@umass.edu.

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Welcome to All Grass Farms | Medium Rare

With a head full of ideas picked up from the You Can Farm book, I ... 'At the time I was not at all familiar with raw milk or the health benefits, but ... At a factory farm, dairy cows live in tight dark quarters. ... mamas is they drink a lot of milk, but we just have to settle for sharing their production with the babies.

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Chase Winovich explains why he's a big proponent of drinking ...

Based on his recent tweets, Chase Winovich is clearly a huge proponent of drinking milk. ... I think dairy farmers do excellent work around this country. ... 'I got the opportunity to meet all the cows and actually milk some - it's a ...

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The Top 10 Reasons That You Should Consider Ditching Dairy

Most milk is sourced from lactating dairy cows, who have high levels of ... We've been taught that we need to drink milk to support our bone ...

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Warrior skeletons reveal Bronze Age Europeans couldn't drink ...

Warrior skeletons reveal Bronze Age Europeans couldn't drink milk ... about 5000 B.C.E. by cow-herding nomads from the steppes of modern-day ... is the strongest example of selection we have and we can't really explain it.

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