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Bringing children into the digital payments universe

... prevalence of obesity in Southeast Asia at 15.6% and that 14.8% of children aged 5 to ... Suddenly, more parents wanted their children to be able to transact in a ... Vircle allows a parent to bring a child into a trust circle and give them ... and if they fail, there would be a psychological impact, says Paresh.

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Chronic Diseases Kill, Not COVID

Amazon is allowing their staff to work virtually for the rest of the year. ... are now present on the African continent and obesity is becoming a challenge. ... As Africans become more prosperous, they are less inclined to do manual ... Parents want to give their children treats, but they are also making them ...

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Parents urged to ditch the car for the school run ahead of new ...

Their call is supported by Scotlands active nation commissioner, Lee Craigie, ... we know that obese children are more likely to become obese adults with ... said: Children and families often want to walk to school and will do so ... cars, and allow space to physically distance at the start and end of the day..

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Children are far less likely to catch coronavirus in the classroom than they are at home

Children are far less likely to catch coronavirus in the classroom than they ... Anyone can get infected with the virus technically called SARS-CoV-2. ... This may then teach their immune system to recognise SARS-CoV-2, allowing them to ... He said parents should be reassured by growing evidence from ...

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5 smart hacks to turn your child into a healthy eater

Most of the times, parents end up force-feeding and unknowingly, make a kid ... Right eating habits take care of problems like childhood obesity, nutritional ... If your kid fills himself with snacks, mealtime would definitely be a struggle. Allow ... Instead of being restrictive, allow them to make their own choices.

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As more children test positive for coronavirus parents face tough decision about school

As more children test positive for coronavirus parents face tough ... Most children get infected through someone in their household, experts say. ... factors like obesity, asthma or other chronic conditions, Crater said. ... She likes the structure of school, especially after finding how tough it was last spring to do ...

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Vision in 2020

Children should have an eye exam at six months and this must be ... Thereafter, eye exams become necessary if your child experiences ... to be mindful on the extent of screen time they allow their children. Amount of screen use per day has been associated with reduced developmental outcomes, obesity, ...

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Increased screen time during pandemic has long term health ...

There should be a clear distinction between productive and ... advised to not allow the use of digital gadgets for children less than 2 years and limit it ... Cases of obesity, skin problems, allergies and eye problems have also ... Considering this, we advise the parents to limit the screen time of their children.

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Why half of Panthers roster is at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms and why they risk it

Looking back on it, it was not a smart thing for me to do at all. ... higher, which is considered obese, are susceptible to severe symptoms of COVID-19. ... the athletes at risk, but their parents, siblings, children and spouses are as well. ... The Panthers have offered to allow their players to stay at a hotel during ...

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Hispanic, Black children at higher risk of coronavirus-related hospitalization, CDC says

Meanwhile, the impact of the virus on children has become a political issue. ... been pushing schools to re-open, a step that would allow more parents to return ... At one point, her 41-year-old mother, Erika Juarez, was told to say ... of the hospitalized children had existing health problems, including obesity, ...

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