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For days she couldnt stop getting sick. At first she doubted the probable cause.

She spent much of the trip sequestered in a hotel room with her worried mother, too sick to do the things they had long planned.

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After a Covid Scare, an Olympic Hopeful Recovers Her Optimism

Of course, the first thing I thought when I got sick was, "I have the coronavirus. ... So instead of thinking too much, I just force myself to do a skill.

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Some People Get Covid-19 and Never Feel a Thing: Why?

It may also be capable of accommodating an infection, sometimes so seamlessly that ... Asymptomatic cases dont get much attention from medical ... "I thought going into this … that all would get sick, that half would live and ...

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Six Mile Run

We did have some rain last weekend, not very much, but we were ... makes us wonder, am I doing the right thing or will I get sick if I do it So ...

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What the Hong Kong Covid-19 reinfection case tells us about coronavirus immunity

But whats often misunderstood is that antibodies are only one component of ... So they play a huge role in long-term immunity, stopping infections before ... Also possible: "You do get infected, you do get sick, but your immune ...

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Does racism make us sick? Amid a national reckoning, the question gains new importance

Even getting a proper diagnosis for her illness was a battle. "Id go ... "It has so much to do with how our society is structured," Burke Harris said.

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Classroom Confessionals: ‘My son started school today, he was excited and so was I

I love my job so much, but I will not sacrifice my health, especially the health of ... girls and I dont think we will send our girls to school just so they can get sick. ... Virtual learning should be a no brainer now and for the future.

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MGH Study: Kids Have Higher Levels Of Coronavirus In ...

Many schools in Massachusetts are getting set to reopen next month. ... nearly as much as adults — that kids, for the most part, dont get as sick and ... And so, I do think that the precautions that need to be put into place are not ...

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Connie Glenn-Wemple: Donor program inspires avid walker to overcome

I intend to do this forever. It gets to me so much to think that maybe I could be helping other women through this journey," said ... I never get sick.

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People can get COVID-19 and flu at same time. doctors urge flu shot

(CBS12) — Its possible to get sick with the flu and COVID-19 at the same ... Its the same thing Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi is urging his patients to do. ... So I will stress that people get the flu vaccine and take social ... then next one comes and it pretty much takes you out basically, he ...

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