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In Veg-Friendly India, Meat Consumption Is on the Rise

Since 2006, Indians have witnessed a major shift in the national diet: from vegetarian ... Today, about one billion Indians follow Hinduism, and many Hindus avoid eating meat to minimize ... Chicken is also not associated with religious taboos. ... The Hindu reports that the consumption of beef and buffalo meat is on the rise.

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Hindutva As Hinduisms Survival Guide, An Antidote To Abrahamic Imperialism

He said there was nothing sacred about cows and advised Hindus to give up ... It may not be shared by all Hindus, but that does not make it any less Hindu ... You can go to temples, perform pujas, sing bhajans, or eat sattvic ...

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Alienated, Discriminated Against and Few in Number: The Bahujan in the Indian Newsroom

Many upper caste communities, such as Brahmins and Baniyas, do not eat ... the cow is considered a holy animal by Hindu religious scriptures, eating beef at ...

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Why should I apologise? Have right to opinion, says BJP MLA ...

I am against those who are eating here and speaking against Hindus. I will not ... "If (Asaduddin) Owaisi is present on Facebook and they are not ... hurts a cow and eats beef, I will be the first to hurt them to protect the cow.

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8 things you didnt know about Rishi Sunak

When the Chancellor declares "well do whatever it takes", we believe him. ... In accordance with his Hindu faith, Rishi doesnt drink or eat beef ...

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Muslim man in India attacked with hammer on suspicion of transporting beef: media

"The motive behind the attack is not clear, but it could be prompted by suspicion ... The samples of the meat have been taken," Boken said while talking to The Hindu. ... It said Muslims and low-caste Dalits had been particularly targeted for eating beef. ... beef is banned does not mean he should be attacked.

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Team Kangana Ranaut lashes out at Aamir Khan over old ...

Citing an interview, Kangana tweeted, Hindu + Muslim = Muslim Yeh toh ... comes to everyone, no one can eat beef because her religion preaches cow ... If i am not mistaken this is what Shah Rukh Khan did , gave his kids a ...

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16 Hilarious And Funny Statements By BJP Leaders

Here is a compilation of 16 such hilarious statements that would make the voters ... built the Taj targeted many Hindus in Uttar Pradesh and Hindustan" He had not only distorted facts by saying that Shah Jahan had imprisoned his ... Talking about the positives of cows, Union Minister Ashwini Choubey said ...

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OP-ED: Why allegations about Facebook favouring BJP are so ...

"We were able to do this only because we had 32 lakh people in our WhatsApp groups," said Shah. ... pushing ideas that included calls for killing Muslims for eating beef, ... This meant that Singh was not only guilty of hate speech but by ... Hindu extremists who back Modis party have used social media to ...

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Keeping the cow and brahmin apart

There is a general belief across the globe, and even among many Indians, that Hindus do not eat beef. Yet, there is evidence that there was ...

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